Monday, 18 April 2011

Forgot the photos!!!

Here are the photos of my Saturday baking:

 Chocolate Brownies

Rock Cakes

Madeira Cake

Dundee Cake


Finally I have found time to blog!

My challenge began on Saturday 2nd April when my big shop arrived. These have been our meals for the first week:

Saturday - roast chicken (couldn't fit it in the freezer!), roasties, stuffing, broccoli, spinach and gravy.

Sunday - roast pork, roasties, stuffing, yorkshire pudding, cabbage, carrots and gravy.

Monday - cold pork, boiled potatoes, sweetcorn and baked beans.

Tuesday - breaded cod, chips, peas and sweetcorn.

Wednesday - spag bol.

Thursday - steak pie, roasties, purple sprouting, mixed veg and gravy.

Friday - chicken curry and rice.

Last week (9th April to 15th) we ate homemade and from the freezer but I forgot to write it down and now can't remember which days we had what!!!

On Saturday (16th) I spent all day in the kitchen baking. I made chocolate brownies, madeira cake, rock cakes and dundee cakes. I made huge amounts for the freezer, using up the eggs that had built up. I really enjoyed it and now the freezer is full of goodies for when I am back at work and haven't got time to bake.

Saturday - faggots/mince and onion pie, boiled potatoes, asparagus, purple sprouting, carrots and gravy.

Sunday - roast pork, roasties, stuffing, yorkshire pudding, purple sprouting, carrots, gravy and HM mint sauce.

Alice made this meal and it was delicious!!!

I then spent the whole afternoon ironing.

Today they get to choose what they want for tea, but it will be something out of the freezer.

I've still got lots of food left until I get paid, so the challenge continues ...

Mandy x

Friday, 1 April 2011

My latest challenge!

I have a load of shopping coming tomorrow and then I begin my new challenge. I plan to use what I have in the house and see how long we can survive without spending any money. I have a chest freezer and two fridge freezers which will be bursting full and a good storecupboard store. I have an organic veg box and salad box delivered each week for fresh food. It will be easy at the beginning, but I will have to be inventive with my fussy teenagers later on in the month.

I will post photos of my meals to track my success. Day 1 is tomorrow.

Mandy x