Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The declutter continues... very slowly!


I said in a previous post that I'd record my decluttering and challenged myself to get rid of 100 items by Easter. Well I'm not up to 100 yet because decluttering has taken a backseat once again. I now look after my baby grandaughter 24 hours a day and I'm so tired! I have been able to list a few things on ebay though and have sold a couple of bits:

34.  Fiction book
35.  Fiction book
36.  Turquoise tunic top
37.  Navy polo shirt
38.  Stripe work shirt
39.  Vintage tupperware containers
40. Newborn baby outfit

I may have to wait for the carboot season to start again and get rid of piles of stuff I've sorted to sell.

I'm concentrating on Daisy's care and providing a 'proper' home cooked meal everyday first, followed by the laundry (babies create a lot) and housework. Not much time left for hobbies or sorting out!!!

I hope to be back soon

Mandy x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!


My son is 23 today and so is his girlfriend, so they celebrate together.

A busy week for celebrations: Shrove Tuesday, two birthdays today and Valentine's Day tomorrow.

I haven't had much time to blog lately because I've been looking after my beautiful grandaughter Daisy. She's 5 months old now and needs a lot of attention. She hasn't been sleeping well at night and finally today -


My daughter is rarely home now, so I have taken over her care until she decides to return. Nobody said it would be easy having a baby at 17 - thank God she's got me and her dad to take over. You want the best for your children, and the same goes for your grandchildren. Daisy is very precious to us and we're lucky to have her after such a difficult pregnancy and traumatic birth. So we'll keep on doing what we have to do for them both, even if others disagree.

Daisy is a gorgeous, well-behaved baby, full of smiles that keep me going. She has learnt to blow raspberries this week too (we've encountered a lot of dribble lately!)

As a result of Daisy being my priority, the housework has slipped, the meals have not always been the best and I'm so tired, but I have got her into a routine - I just need to do the same for myself!

The decluttering has taken a back seat, but I have 10 items on ebay and about to list some more. I will get there...

Snowing again, but Daisy and I are cosy inside, just watching out of the window!

Hopefully back soon with some news of ebay sales...

Mandy x