Sunday, 2 October 2011

5th Car Boot Sale


Yesterday I did my fifth car boot sale. Sadly the turnout was poor because of the lovely weather (I think people had better things to do) and I only made £18.70. I have done better before (and a lot worse) but I sold lots of stuff. I have changed tactics and have found that items sell better if they are price tagged. I sell my things for 20p, 50p, £1 or £2, with most being 50p. People are attracted to our stall with labels of 20p and we have sold much more since doing this. I sold loads of books, but still have many more. I love buying books, but never find the time to read them all. Life is too busy and I wish it would slow down! Next week we are having a Saturday off and want to have a wander round the car boot, looking for bits and bobs for Christmas presents. Then we will be off again, selling everything that we no longer use, need or want, to earn pennies for christmas. I spent some of last week's money on my Avon order for Alice's make-up. I am trying so hard not to be wasteful!

My personal life is still rubbish, so I can't post that often, but I have decided to focus on the positives in my life and will support my children the best I can.

My washing machine broke last weekend, so I have been handwashing all this week. Thank goodness for the sunshine to dry my dripping washing on the line! We have got a new one now, £300!!! I have been saving for a new shower cubicle, so thankfully Steve bought the new machine - hopefully this one lasts us a few years.

Steve has almost finished my gorgeous utility room now (will post photos when it's done), another step closer to putting the house on the market. We really need to move away from the trouble that Alice seems to find in this village and make a fresh start.

Meals have been a bit erratic - sometimes homemade and frugal, sometimes rubbish or non-existent because we are having a really tough day and can't face food. My friend gave me a big bag of eating apples from her garden on Friday, which steve loves.

Until next time ...

Mandy xxx