Monday, 26 December 2016

Happy Christmas!

Wishing all my readers a very Happy Christmas! 

You may have been wondering why I've not been writing my blog lately. Well I've been thinking about its future and come to a decision...

It's time to say goodbye.

I used to enjoy writing but I've changed so much over the years and my life is completely different to when I began. I am still a thrifty person but writing about it doesn't interest me anymore. I have so many new interests and I want to write about those. I have tried to evolve my blog with this in mind but it's not right.

There are other personal reasons too.

I am going to continue writing, but I need to write freely and be myself. If any of you are still interested in reading then please contact me and I will share my new blog with you. It won't be for everyone and I do spend money! 

I've been on a new journey and challenging myself to find a better way of life. It's a slow process, making changes for the better, but I'm happier. 

I would like to thank each and every one of you who has read, commented and shown me kindness here. I don't plan to delete it at the moment and will leave it as a reference for recipes. Most of my page views are of recipes. 

Thank you for reading!

Mandy xx

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Daisy's birthday party and a catch up!

Hi everyone

Well I can't believe that the summer holidays are over and it's back to nursery tomorrow. Back to routine and getting ready to be out the door in the morning. Daisy's birthday being on the 1st September means she will do another year of nursery before starting school. 

Yesterday was her birthday party. She'd asked for a tea party, so we put on our pretty dresses and decorated with balloons and bunting. Daisy invited a few little friends from nursery so I did a simple table of party food for little ones...

Everything here is dairy free so Daisy could enjoy anything she chose. 
Here's a few more photos from yesterday...

Here's a catch up in photos...

I made the pastry less quiche again but added mushrooms and spinach. 

Making time to paint my nails...

New things for Henry...I love mothercare!

New things for Daisy...Autumn preparation is underway!

New dresses for nursery...

I love this dress from little bird by Jools Oliver...

Cottage pie...

Flowers from my husband 

Rainy day fun...

New cardigans in the Lindy Bop sale for Daisy. I also bought myself some new dresses because they were so reasonably priced in the sale.

We had a new carpet fitted in Daisy's new bedroom! She's very happy with it.

A Cath Kidston delivery for Daisy...

And for Henry...

Gammon, mash, veg and parsley sauce!

Homemade chocolate sponge and chocolate custard...

I made the other chocolate sponge into a teatime cake...


Jelly and custard for Daisy 

Homemade sausage rolls...made by Daisy!

Another delivery, another dress! This one is from Next. I love smocking!! Daisy wore this one on her birthday.

More little bird clothes...

Now it's time to think about my Christmas preparations!! 

Finally, thank you to Jenny and Phyllis for your comments :)

Mandy x

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Happy Birthday Daisy!

Hi everyone 

I'll catch up soon. Been so busy here! So just a quick post about today...

Today is Daisy's 4th birthday! We've had a lovely day. We bought Daisy her first bicycle so naturally needed to test it out! 

The sun was shining and we had a gentle stroll (ride for Daisy) around the reservoir. This was followed by a late lunch in the cafe there. 

Today has been a memory making kind of day :) happy times.

Now the party preparation begins!

Back soon

Mandy X 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Message for Jenny Larking

Hi Jenny,

It was from 

It was in the sale though and I went back to buy another and it was sold out. I bought age 2-3 and chanced it because Daisy is petite. There were bigger sizes then though...good luck! 

Mandy xx

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Home cooking and a little shopping...

Hi everyone,
I thought I'd share a few photos with you...

I buy good quality clothes for the children and love this traditional style.

This is one of Daisy's birthday presents. I can't believe she's four in a couple of weeks! We already have the nurse rag doll, so I'm adding Little Red Riding Hood. 

Here's some food pictures...

Crustless quiche (thank you Michelle at  Remembering the old ways for the idea) and advice xxx

It was delicious!

Porridge in the summer:)

Roasted paprika chicken with baked new potatoes and salad. 

A retro pudding!

Nigellas chocolate pear pudding. So easy and so comforting. Sadly I forgot to photograph it before tucking in!!

Tonight's tea was breaded fish. I had some frozen fish fillets to use up. I dipped them first in beaten egg then breadcrumbs and parsley and baked them. It was lovely.

I've been looking for a cotton nighty for Daisy for ages. This one was in the sale and absolutely beautiful.

The smell of fresh bread in my kitchen.

A busy day ahead in the kitchen. Roast for Sunday lunch and baking for teatime.

Mandy x 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Summer holiday fun!

Hi everyone,

This week seems to have whizzed by. There's been rain so we've played indoors with the children's new toys...

At Daisy's cafe I was served cheese kebabs and burnt chicken "that's how we cook it here"!! She's so funny. Thankfully pudding was biscuits :) we love wooden toys.

On Tuesday Daisy had her first ever trip to the cinema. I thought it was a good time to wear her new shoes...

I love traditional style clothes and have bought these shoes before. 

Yesterday was mainly spent in the kitchen. I got tea ready first. Toad in the hole and fresh vegetables. We picked Daisy's peas and runner beans...

Daisy wanted me to take a photo of her giant bean! We had cabbage, cauliflower and carrots too. Toad in the hole is one of Daisy's favourites...

Next we baked while Henry napped. I found Delia Smith's Book of Cakes at the carboot. I had some apples and eggs to use up so we made an apple cake...

Chunky Apple Cake

I used eating apples so put less sugar in.

Daisy tested it at lunchtime and decided it was best eaten with custard as a pudding.

Then we made a Victoria sandwich for Grampy...

The shopping comes today. I haven't bought any goodies except for treat night chocolate, so Daisy and I will be baking again to fill the cake tins and get ready for Sunday teatime. I'm back to baking...less rubbish and saving some pennies, plus more fun!

Mandy x