Thursday, 21 May 2015

Easy Peasy Lasagne

I love eating lasagne but I'm not keen on making it! Yesterday we had lasagne for tea but I took an easier route so I could get on with other things. 

I browned some mince and a chopped onion...I added a handful of chopped mushrooms, a few dashes of Worcester sauce and let it cook for 5mins...I then sprinkled in a low salt beef oxo cube and a little boiling I added a tbsp of tomato purée and a carton of passata... I left this to simmer while I prepared the cheese sauce...  

I made a roux by melting butter, adding flour and slowly adding milk while stirring to get the right consistency (I used a carton of cream with milk because I didn't have much milk)...I took it off the heat and added a good handful of grated cheese...time to assemble...I used fresh pasta sheets...I layered mince mix---lasagne sheet---mince mix---lasagne sheet---cheese sauce---grated cheese---sprinkle of parsley. I baked them at 150oC for 1 hr to slow cook the mince.

This is Daisy's lactose free one before going in the oven...

She assembled most of this herself!

This is one of ours...

I meant to take a photo of them out of the oven but forgot!

It was good!

Mandy xx

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chicken Risotto...using up what you have

Sorry I've been away again, but the truth is I'm really not feeling the interest in my blog anymore. My blog is a hobby and life has been getting in the way. Thank you to those of you that take the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

I am currently cooking tea and thought I would share the recipe...

I chopped up a couple of chicken breasts and cooked those with some spring onions, red and yellow peppers in a little olive oil. Then I dissolved two chicken oxos in a pint of boiling water and added to the pan. I left this to simmer until the chicken pieces were cooked through. 

Meanwhile I cooked two boil-in-the-bag type rice separately and then stirred this through the chicken pan. A couple of dashes of soy sauce and a flick of parsley before serving.

Very simple but using up the bits I had in the fridge. 

I will be back, but my blog will be going in a different direction. I am thrifty but I do this naturally now and I don't find it a challenge (maybe I need to change my blog name). What I am doing is discovering my creative side and concentrating on doing more of what makes me happy. My other blog was set up for that purpose so I will be developing that now. This blog I want mainly as a food blog...nothing too fancy...just lovely homemade food. My baking will go on the other blog along with my knitting and sewing. 

I hope you all understand that I need to do this to move forward. I also hope you will love my new style! 

Thanks for reading,

Mandy xxx