Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Retro shopping

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been a while but things have been pretty awful here lately :(

I have been busy as usual though with the little ones and still on a mission to declutter our home. It will never be minimalist with a baby and a three year old but it needs to be easier to clean. I've done really well but I still have more to do. 

I have been buying as well as decluttering, but I am either replacing things and throwing out the old or its things that are needed and practical. 

My reward to myself for keeping up the good work even though it's so hard, is vintage retro shopping. I have found a wonderful online shop and I'm now a regular customer. I'm gradually adding to my kitchen ware and everything I buy is being used, not just to look pretty! I've already shared one photo of my treasures in a previous post, but I thought you may like to see all that I've bought so far. The shop is called Yay Retro! 


The lady that runs the business is lovely and so helpful. She always gives me a postage refund after sending my parcels if I've been overcharged. She uses recycled packaging and I'm confident that my purchases will arrive safe and sound. I'm a very happy customer! 

I'll show you all the goodies I've bought so far...

You've already seen these finds but have included it for those that may have missed it.

I had the chance of the sugar pot too, but we really wouldn't use it as nobody takes sugar in their tea etc. 

A coffee pot just right for Sunday teatime...I actually can't stand tea!

This makes me happy! I love my orange scales :)

I collect the woods ware beryl and was so pleased to get the bowls.

My latest order! 

Please note: this is not an advert! I just love that website and wanted to share my photos with you. I'm always looking for new ideas to develop my style and hope you enjoy seeing what I've bought.

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x