Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A little bit of time for me.


This morning I have just a little bit of time for me. I have been catching up with some computer stuff, along with the boring chores. My two daughters and Daisy-May have gone to Coventry for the morning. Charlotte's mini is getting a new gearbox and the girls are shopping while they wait. The house is quiet (just me and the dogs) and it's nice to have a bit of peace!

A little update on my ebay sales:

41.  Non-fiction book
42.  Blonde wig (bought for fancy dress but unused)
43.  A travel shoe bag
44.  A travel toiletries bag

I don't think I will make it to 100 items by Easter because I won't be able to fit a carboot in before then and I have slowed down on my ebay sales now. What I need is to fill a charity bag or two!!!

Mother's day was lovely. My husband gave me a day off from chores and cooked tea too. He bought me some gorgeous tulips from Daisy-May as a special grandma treat. All of my children were here too. Alice bothered to come home, which was nice as it was her first Mothering Sunday and she spent some time with Daisy-May. She hasn't been back to her boyfriend's since then, so we've had a bit of a break and a bit more sleep!

Charlotte's dog is still recovering from being spayed a week ago. She has been suffering, but picking up well now and hopefully the stitches will be out soon.

Right, back to my jobs before the girls return - homemade quiche and mini baked potatoes to prepare for tea.

Thanks for reading.

Mandy x