Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Ready for spring!

I always find winter a struggle. I hate being cold and not being able to hang the washing out! The higher gas bills and need for warming comfort food. Worst of all the battle with colds. Oh yes and I hate snow!! I've been quiet over the last month from lack of motivation to do lots of thrifty cooking and baking. Everything seems so much better when the sun is shining! 

Right now my washing is out. It's chilly but windy so definitely worth it. Another load is spinning so that'll go out too. I feel  like I'm winning if the laundry is done. 

I'm always busy with the day-to-day stuff but in spare moments I'm tackling the stuff we don't need. I don't feel the need to hoard now but things do need moving on. There are many areas to sort out so I've taken one room at a time. The biggest task is paperwork. I've always kept paperwork for years but I'm sure I can let go of much of it now. The rest will be neatly filed and put away. This is a mammoth task so I've put it off! 

My reward for healing myself from my hoarding ways is to spend my spare time learning new crafts. I've bought some cross stitch kits and vintage embroidery tray cloths and tablecloth. They are my incentive to get things done. 

I've also treated myself to some vintage cooking booklets. I get stuck in a rut making the same food and baking the same cakes. There's no excuse with all the lovely recipes I have to hand. I'm excited to make changes. 

My love of all things seventies is ever growing and so is my collection of vintage items. I will share photos of Daisys vintage toys soon. 

Exciting plans are being made too. I've been busy making a dream come true. Still lots of work to be done but things are coming together for a new business venture. 

See you soon!

Mandy x

Monday, 5 February 2018

Reducing waste

Well we've had a terrible couple of weeks :( 

Everyone seems to be on the mend now thankfully.

Thank you for your comments, I have read them all xxx

I'm trying to get back into the swing of cooking and baking properly again now and today I've had a use up of bits and bobs in the fridge.

I've roasted a chicken for lunch with stuffing, baby roasties and roasted veg...

Henry has been busy making cornflake cakes with me for teatime...

For pudding we've got pears and chocolate sauce. 

I'm on a mission to reduce our household waste dramatically, any ideas or tips are most welcome...thank you xx

Friday, 26 January 2018

Today's vintage find...

I love these bins, they're so good for storage and look amazing too! This one has been filled with balls if wool..,

I have three of these now. One in my bedroom to store books and the pink one in Daisys room where she keeps all of her dolly clothes and accessories. 

Fingers crossed this posts xx

Planning ahead

Well  I'm not a very organised person and this week has been very tough. Daisy was poorly first and then me and now little Henry :(

I haven't felt so ill in a long time. It's a really nasty virus and has totally wiped us out. It also made me realise just how unprepared I am for me being out of action. I had no choice but to muddle through, so in the future I'd like to have a few things in place to make life a lot easier...

We have plenty of food and ingredients in the house, but nothing that's quick to grab for tea. To be honest, none of us poorly ones have had an appetite and when you do eat, everything tastes strange! However, I did still need to make meals and found that exhausting. In future I need some quick back up meals for times like this.

Baking went right out of the window and I still haven't baked. There's slices of Christmas cake in the freezer but no other baked goods. So what I need to do is have a baking morning and have a section in the freezer for cakes for emergencies. Even if I freeze plain sponge cakes, I can add jam, icing or decorations when they're needed. So I will be experimenting to see which cakes freeze well. Any tips on that will be gratefully received!

I normally get my shopping delivered on a Friday, but I didn't feel like shopping until today so it's coming in the morning. In that delivery are some freezer fillers and ingredients for easy meals for the week ahead. 

I've got a lot to catch up on now I'm better and hopefully get organised.


Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Given up

Blogger will not publish a post with photos and I feel far too poorly to keep trying.

Yesterday was my birthday and I was ill. 

I'll be back when I'm better xx


My post from yesterday will not publish so this is a test post.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

So much to do!

If you've followed me for a while you'll know of my ongoing battle with the clutter. I always seem to be decluttering (then buying cheap bargains) then decluttering! I've now accepted that I'm a hoarder and understand the reasons why, but I can fight it. I like to have things around me and I always think that things will come in handy one day. What I really need to do is prioritise...

I've begun in my utility room because that's a dumping ground. Only items that belong in that room are staying and everything else is either being recycled, sent to the charity shop or moved to another room where they should be. When I've finished I'll show you just how organised I can be :)

I have a beautiful utility room with a sink, cupboards and work top my husband built years ago now. The floor is full of boxes because I store toys in there. I do toy rotation and this suits us, but I haven't got any proper storage yet so they're just stacked up. 

That room has also become a holding bay for things that need to be dealt with, put away or found a new home in the house. It's out of control now so I thought it was a good place to start. This week I've tackled a bit each day and made progress. I won't just simply send stuff off to landfill by putting it in the bin, so some bits are in a pile outside waiting to go to the tip to be recycled and everything else has been dealt with. 

The work tops and cupboards are finished, just the paperwork drawer to tackle, but that won't take long. I have a little corner for admin work where I keep the printer and stationery bits. 

The coat pegs are tidy too. There's just an accumulation of stuff that doesn't belong there left to sort out. I was hoping to have that room finished this week but I'm only able to do little bits at a time.  There's never enough hours in the day!

I'm still looking around for toy storage solutions, but the rest of it will be done next week. It's a good feeling to be getting things done, even though it's frustrating that there isn't more time to get it finished quickly. 

Back with a photo soon!

Mandy x