Sunday, 23 March 2014

Decluttering update...

Hi everyone 

Just a quick update to continue my challenge...

58). Book - Daisy doesn't like it...Carboot
59). Leggings - Daisy grown out of...Carboot
60). Pj bottoms - Daisy grown out of...Carboot
61). Vest - Daisy grown out of... Carboot
62). Top - Daisy grown out of...Carboot
63/4). 2x knickers...Daisy grown out of...Carboot 
65). Baby toy - Daisy doesn't play with this now... Carboot
66). My pj bottoms - these are too long and trip me up (not safe) but I love the gingham fabric so I've already cut them up to recycle.

There will be more done this week!

Hope you all have a good week 

Mandy xx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

First Carboot sale of the season...what I bought

Hi everyone,

Today we went to Finmere in Buckinghamshire to our first Carboot sale of the season. It was so cold and windy! We picked up some lovely things for Daisy...

A box of balls! These are to go in the ball pit her mummy bought her for her birthday, they cost £2...they need a good soak in soapy water as they've obviously been played with outside.

A pooh bear flap book, costing 50p...Daisy loves the flap books and this is brand new!

A nursery rhyme book, costing 50p...another new book! Daisy loves singing and we're teaching her new rhymes. There's a few in there that I'd forgotten about!

A set of four puzzles, costing 50p...these were brand new and still sealed. Daisy loves a puzzle and these are a little more challenging for her. 

A quiche/flan dish, costing 50p...this is teeny tiny and just right for making Daisy's quiche in. I make a dairy free version for her and always make too much. This is just right.

A little plastic stool for Daisy, costing £2...this was brand new in the packet. It's now been assembled and she loves it.

A tweenie doll, costing 50p...Daisy loves rag dolls and the's a shame she wasn't selling the others :(

Three pairs of socks (new), costing £1.20...Daisy gets through a lot of socks!

Finally a pooh bear blanket, costing 50p...Daisy loves pooh bear, and although she has got blankets, this is for when she snuggles on the sofa.

So these little purchases don't look good for my declutter challenge, but my decluttering is ongoing and I will continue past my 100 item challenge. 

I will post up my latest declutter photo later.

Thanks for reading xxx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The great big 6

Hi everyone,

Been busy tidying and cleaning while decluttering. We're also spending a lot of time outside playing!

The chickens have started laying again!! So happy because this means more baking. We get through a lot of eggs...they are an excellent source of protein for Daisy as she's lactose intolerant and doesn't eat dairy foods. She does have special lactose free cream cheese, hard cheese, soya milk and butter, but eggs are a good extra and she loves them. 

Daisy is going through a growth spurt at the moment, so more of her things are heading for the Carboot pile. 

48). Bunny leggings-Carboot.

49). Navy leggings-Carboot.

50). Denim shorts -Carboot

51). Fleece sleep suit-Carboot.

52). Fleece sleep suit -Carboot.

53). Fleece hoody-Carboot. 

54). Underwear-bin.

55). Underwear- bin.

56). Slipper socks- bin.

57). Alice in wonderland DVD- it's the modern version and way too scary for Daisy to be watching for a long time! We didn't like it when we bought it anyway so it's going to the Carboot.

Hopefully back with more exciting photos soon.

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x

Monday, 10 March 2014

The great big 5 (catch up)

Hi everyone 

Yesterday I was so busy. I did do some decluttering but didn't find time to write a blog post, so it's catch up now and I will hopefully post again later with what I've been up to today.

Sunday morning was all about laundry. I am so happy to be hanging out my washing! I got all caught up and tackled a mountain of ironing. Meanwhile my lovely OH took Daisy out on her new super trike. 

We had a lovely Sunday roast. Beef is a rare treat for us. Then it was outside in the garden to play. Daisy just loves the freedom of being able to run around safely. 

Then her auntie and uncle came to visit (as they do every weekend) and we all sat out in the garden until it got chilly. 

Tea, bath and bed for Daisy and I watched the last episode of Call the Midwife. I will miss it :(

Right...decluttering news...
While doing the laundry, I found clothes that Daisy had grown out of last week. They have been washed and ironed ready to sell at our first Carboot.

There is quite a lot here, stacked up, mainly vests.

31 - 40). All vests that Daisy has grown out of. Carboot pile.

41). Baby knickers - as above.

42 - 44). Leggings - as above.

45). Baby shorts - as above.

46). Pink top - as above.

47). Old socks (mine) off to the bin.

So hopefully I will hit the half way mark later today. The airing cupboard is next, but it will be a case of recycling there as I reuse towels in other ways around the house.

See you later,

Mandy x

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Please excuse the mistakes in my previous post, it's late and I didn't check it before publishing!

Mandy x

The great big 4

Hi everyone

Not much decluttering today:
29). Baby tights - Daisy has grown out of these. I will sell them at the Carboot sale.

30). Baby tights - same as above.

We have been in the garden for most of the day. Daisy has absolutely loved it! Our lovely next door neighbour gave Daisy a zebra scoot along and a smartbike. It's one of those that has a long steering handle and a sun canopy...a tricycle that you can push and steer. We were planning to buy one of these we have one for free! She wouldn't accept any money for them, so we will buy her and her boys a gift to say thank you. 

Daisy loved cleaning them with her little bucket and sponge. Then she splashed in the soapy puddle she made (wellies on). 

Next door have got lots of rabbits and Daisy watched them over the fence. So many new things to discover...

We had pork chops for tea (done as a roast) and treacle tart for pudding. Tomorrow we'll have roast beef and all the trimmings. I now have somewhere to put all my veg door's rabbits! Our chickens love cooked veg but not raw. Their favourite is lettuce but they don't like cabbage. The rabbits had broccoli, sprouts and carrot peelings today. Tomorrow they'll be more.
My lovely OH has dug over the veg patches ready for planting and he collected plenty of worms the wormery the they are making next door. It's funny how the simplest gestures can make someone happy. I also think that sunshine makes us feel happier and more motivated.

Hopefully the weather stays lovely for a while! 

Mandy x

Friday, 7 March 2014

The great big 3

Hi everyone

A boring update today! It does keep me motivated though.

18). Baby book - Daisy has grown out of this. I will sell it. 

19). Play suit and belt - grown out of. I will sell this.

20). Top - grown out of. I will sell this.

21). Top - as above.

22). Top - as above.

23). Top - as above.

24). Top - as above.

25). T-shirt - as above.

26). T-shirt - as above.

27). Shorts - as above.

28). Pj top - stained...Daisy eats her breakfast in her pjs and sometimes the bib doesn't catch it all! This is heading for the bin.

Some items are underneath so I could fit it all in the photo. 

I've also been cutting animal pictures out of a huge stack of magazines. Daisy now has her own scrapbook as she loves sticking. 

I'm glad to see the back of this week!

Mandy x 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Forgot the photo!!!

The great big declutter... Day 2

Hi everyone,

Just been through my make-up. I had a little try of everything to decide what isn't me now. 

I wear make-up every single day, even if I'm not going out. I always have. I don't wear much, but would never go without mascara! 

I've found 5 items to add to my declutter challenge. 

13). Hair highlighter - it's new but not the colour I expected when I ordered online. I will sell this.

14). Foundation - this is really old (I don't wear foundation now) and is going in the bin.

15). Lipstick - not my shade. I'll ask Charlotte if she wants it first...if not on the bin.

16). Another lipstick - same as above.

17). Blue eye pencil - Daisy wound it the other day and the actual make-up bit fell out. It's going in the bin, it's now empty!

That's it so far today...I may find other things on my travels around the house later. 

Thanks for reading!

Mandy xx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The great big declutter!!

My decluttering mood is back! I love a fresh new start...

Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will know that I am a hoarder. I am getting better though...I can part with things now. 

I am challenging myself to find 100 things during this month that we don't need or use. This is achievable because Daisy is growing out of clothes and toys. 

Out Carboot sale starts up again at the end of March and we will do some selling in April. I already have a large section of the garage piled high with boxes of stuff to sell, but there are new things that I want to look out for and don't want to overload the house again. This means that decluttering is in order.

I have started with my wardrobe...

This is what I brought down from upstairs...

Obviously a few bits here are Daisy's, but mostly it's from my wardrobe.

1).  Red dress - brand new, bought for Christmas but it isn't me! I will sell this.

2). Onesie - it was a present, but it's way too long for me. I'm only 5' tall! I may cut this up to make a blanket for Daisy as it's fleece fabric.

3). Pink pjs - the elastic has gone and they are old and grotty in places. I will cut up the best bits for sewing projects.

4). Black spot pjs - the same again and these are really faded in places. These will also be cut up for fabric scraps.

5). Heart top - this doesn't fit me very well and I no longer like it. I will sell this.

6). Winter hat - I've got too many! I will sell this.

7). Pink scarf - same again, I don't need it! I will sell this.

8). Navy scarf- I had a new one for Christmas so the old one can go. I will sell this.

9). Black polka dot scarf - I don't wear this bug I think I may use it for a sewing project.

10). Polka dot top (Daisy) - this got stained from food. I bleached it bug it hasn't all come out. This will go into het memory quilt that I'm currently making.

11). Pink dress (Daisy) - this is stained but not really bleachable so it will also go into her memory quilt.

12). Pair of Daisy's tights - she's grown out of them. I'll Carboot for 10p...every penny counts! You can always find something for 10p at Carboot sales.

That's it so far. I think I'll hit my target this time. Tomorrow I'll target another area.

Thank you so much for all your supportive comments. I will reply to each one. Incidentally, I had 806 page views yesterday...

I now have some new followers too! Thank you frugal in bucks!!!

I hope I don't disappoint!

So happy to have blog friends...
So happy you care xxx

Mandy xx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Pancakes made and enjoyed (lactose free for Daisy)...

Hope you've enjoyed your pancakes today too. Daisy had dairy free vanilla ice cream on one, then tried a little bit with jam, then lemon and sugar. She loved them and made her own batter (little bit of help from me). I took some lovely photos for her memory book.

We just stuck to the traditional lemon and sugar or golden syrup.

Mandy x

Just for you Susan!

Chocolate fudge cake made yesterday.

Simple fruit cake.

You can see we've already been tucking in!!! 🍰🍰🍰

Mandy xx

Thank you xxx

Ok I hear you...

Having a large amount of followers is not what I'm after (way too much pressure to post every day something worth reading!)

My title is about being thrifty though. You have convinced me to keep this one (although I am going to have a second blog too to start again...positive thinking and all that) but I need to tweak it a bit. You have to understand that I have been threatened and I will delete what I need to. I now have a paper diary I write each day instead. This started off as an online diary for my thrifty journey but stuff happens and I share it. This post will be read by anyone, but I owe you all an explanation. I hope you don't think I'm just greedy, looking for more followers. It's actually the comments that are important to me. Since I stopped working, I've lost all the friends I had and I take comfort in your comments. Losing followers made me think that if people lose interest there's no point in continuing  because this blog is not for myself anymore to look back on...not sure I'm making myself clear...I'm waffling now!

I can't just  type what I want to say but most of you will guess (especially Jane)...

This is on the internet and public and I want it to be a happy place! Blogging (reading or writing) is my little bit of escapism from the many bad bits. 

Enough said I think...

Thank you to everyone who listens x

Lots of love xxx

Monday, 3 March 2014

Losing followers

Sad but true...

Not sure the thrifty blog is my thing anymore. I tried...

Planning my new blog but possibly many of you won't be interested. It will be showing all the things I have made...sewing, crafting, cooking and baking. I will also be sharing what makes me happy, all things pretty, different areas or objects in my home. 

I no longer want to focus on my thriftiness (there are far better blogs out there than mine) and obviously my personal life is not good so I intend to talk about the positive bits only.

I know my regular readers will understand why and you are all so lovely and supportive. I hope you will follow me on my new journey...creating positivity around me and my family.

The new blog will hopefully inspire me to continue with my writing, even though it will be a change in direction.

I'm almost decided on its name and I'll let you know on here when it's up and running. 

I'm not removing this blog at the moment, just starting a new one and concentrating on that. Please continue to comment here as I do read them and I am grateful for your kind words. I'm not looking for's just that I've been having doubts for a while and losing followers has made me realise that I lack in consistency and I would probably feel the same about reading a blog. I haven't looked to see how many viewed my last post, but inevitably it will happen that my numbers continue to decrease if I don't write regular posts. No doom and's my fault and before frugal queen gave me a mention, there were only a few of us... Thank you Loo!!!

Onwards and upwards...

I'd better get baking, making and designing so I can start again!

Lots of love

Mandy xxx