Friday, 29 July 2011

I'm back!

Sometimes life becomes too difficult to have anything nice or interesting to say. I use this blog as an escape from the life I've got to the life I want to live. I can explore my dreams and aspirations without anyone judging me or thinking I'm being too much of a dreamer. I really love to read other people's blogs and my favourites are:

 dee dee's vintage retro delights 

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A Thrifty Mrs

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I read loads of others too, but these I try and check every day. It is my way of escaping the cruelness of my life and entering into something happy and content and this gives me hope and something to aim for.

I think that I have every right to feel sorry for myself and we will leave it at that, because this is public and it's not fair on my family if I talk about it on here. Life is what you make it, but I have met some real nasty evil people along the way who have made me the way I am  (this is all in the past now and we are trying to recover and move on). I only have my immediate family (for very good reason) and now my youngest is struggling to have any kind of relationship with me. She is extremely vulnerable and has chosen a new lifestyle that doesn't involve us, but her new friends and family. She has latched onto a family in our village and wants to live with them (she is 16). The mother allows her to do whatever she wants, with no rules to follow. I can cope with the smoking and the swearing (she wants to be an adult), but not coming home at night, or for days at a time is a constant worry. The authorities have been useless and we feel very much alone. Maybe we have to just wait for her to come back to us, or will she continue to change under the influence of this family?

I am on my summer holidays now! I have decided it is best for me to keep busy and have loads of projects planned. This week I have really tried to cook better meals and so far we have had:

  • Devilled chicken, home-made wedges, corn-on-the-cob and home-made coleslaw.
  • Sausage casserole, new potatoes (from our garden) and cabbage (from a friend's garden).
  • Mince and onions, new potatoes (garden) and broccoli (garden)
  • Chicken curry, naan bread (approved food packet), poppadoms with home-made mint sauce, salad and mango chutney.
Today I am out for dinner with my work friends and Steve will cook him and Charlotte eggs of some kind (his choice). Ashley is on his way to the south of France now as he is on holiday for the next three weeks with his girlfriend. This should save us some money as he is the main electricity consumer in our house! I've had a letter informing me of the price increases due and now we are starting to worry how we will afford to heat our house in the winter.

Tomorrow is another day and I hope I will have something positive to write about. Sorry for the doom and gloom, but I felt I needed to explain my absence from here, I am not just a lazy blogger!!!

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x