Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I made some money!!!

Hi everyone!

I've been away because we are a poorly household. Daisy has been ill for a week now, just a cold, but hard to explain to a 13 month old. On Saturday morning, Charlotte and I set off early to the carboot sale, leaving Grampy to look after Daisy at home (both of them poorly). Charlotte has escaped it so far, but I felt awful! I still went because the next two weekends we are on holiday and the money would come in handy.

I took the most money I have ever taken at a boot sale - £117!!! I know some people take more, but I sell cheaply to get rid of unwanted clutter. There were sales of 10p, 20p, 50p and up to £2 on Daisy's outgrown snowsuits, coats and clothes. One lady bought £15 worth of baby clothes and I thought that was a result, until later... a couple asked how much the babygros, vests etc were in the boxes. The man then asked me how much for the whole six boxes! I then set about adding up roughly what these things would be if sold individually. It was £45 and he offered £30. Charlotte jumped in with "£35" and they took them all. I know I wouldn't have sold every item anyway, so my decluttering head was firmly on! Grampy was really happy that six boxes have now gone from our house, Daisy has some spending money for our holiday and I have some money to buy her new clothes.

We set off with the car seats down and a full boot and returned with the seats up again and empty bags and boxes. We will do one more when I get back from Yorkshire to get some more Christmas money. so this means going through each and every room ruthlessly to clear the clutter and get some cash for Christmas. It really has spurred me on to sort the house and break the cycle of hoarding.

I'm busy this week, nursing a poorly baby and packing for our holiday, so I'll be back with holiday photos soon.

Mandy x


  1. Hi Many, wasn't sure if you wern't blogging due to having already set off for your holiday, but so sorry you have had poor Daisy and your hubby ill.
    Glad you managed to do so well at the carboot sale. My daughter does sell at them occasionally and like you would rather let stuff go cheaply rather than have to take it home again.
    I do hope the weather stays fine for your upcoming trip. I know that Daisy will love it, her first holiday with her family, and cant wait to see the pics.
    I had my oldest grandson ill for a fortnight recently with a bad stomach virus and hes lost a great deal of weight, hes only skinny as it is so couldn't really afford to lose any more so now im concentrating on making him loads of very buttery mash, with added grated cheese to go with his dinners, , lots of sponge puddings with custard or squirty cream, trifles, loads of pasta with meatballs and cheese etc to try to get him to regain a bit of weight.
    The weather has changed here and we have had the heating on for a couple of hours on the odd occasion, and when we have our nightly baths.
    Anyway, hope you have a lovely trip and cant wait to hear all about it. take care, jane

    1. Hi Jane, stomach bugs are awful, your poor grandson. I've actually been ill too, it's only Charlotte who has managed to escape it. Daisy is still snotty and grumpy but improving. I think lots of fresh air in Yorkshire will do her good. daisy has lost her appetite too and she's only little, so I worry so much about her weight. Sounds like you're doing a brilliant job of adding that bit extra to his meals...I love buttery mash and sponge puddings!!!

      So I need to pack jumpers and thick socks then!

      More trouble again yesterday...she upset people who then came to us looking for her. Facebook is a bad place for people to sit behind a computer screen and be spiteful to others sadly, not looking forward to my door knocking today. Only a few more days until we travel North :)

  2. sorry that was meant to say Mandy :-)

  3. Hi Mandy,
    hope you have had a good time away and that there has been no more upset caused by YKW. Hope the weather was kind to you and that Daisy enjoyed her holiday with her loving family.
    Facebook is a horrible invention which causes a lot of trouble and upset, I am thankfully not on it but unfortunately my daughter and all her friends are, also Daniels dad and his latest girlfriend have had a baby so this is causing problems due to his comments to his other ex (not my daughter, the one after her) passing information on about him saying on facebook that the only child hes got that matters to him is the one hes just had.
    My daughter isn't in the slightest way bothered as shes happy he has no contact with Daniel but his other ex with who he has two children is absolutely disgusted and this is causing allsorts of comments back and forth in which she is mentioning Daniel by name, saying hes a disgrace to the other children he has fathered. My daughter would just rather no one mentioned anything and that he never gets in contact again as that suits her fine.
    Ive begun collecting chestnuts and have started making my stuffings to go in the freezer for over Christmas and into the New year. Not such a big achievement to save a few pennies but at this time of year every little helps, and after seeing the price of chestnut stuffing in one of the posher supermarkets the other year thought why let something for free go to waste.
    I attempted to make Marron Glace last year but was disappointed, such a lot of work for not a lot at the end. I shall google some more chestnut recipes later as im hoping to go collect more this afternoon if it stays dry.
    Look foreward to hearing all about your holiday, take care, jane xx