Thursday, 19 March 2015

Trying something new...

Hi everyone!

It's been a busy household here...still decluttering and enjoying the feeling it brings. Our favourite carboot sale begins again on Saturday and I have a plan! I've been jotting down all the things I need to look out for and not entertaining impulsive buys! There are things that we need and I can pick them up much cheaper here but I don't want to undo all of my hard work. 

There has been a lot of cooking going on here too. I have been meal planning with new recipes as I talked about in my last post and this is working well. Here are a few of those meals...

Pasta bake



The beginnings of bubble and squeak!

Chicken pie

Cheesy leek, bacon and potato bake

Rock cakes

Bacon and tomato bake (we didn't like this one)

Pork chops with a creamy chive sauce and caramelised carrots 

Not cooked by me!!! My Mother's Day treat ;)

Now I need to concentrate on baking more. Lemon sponge is planned for today. 

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy,
    i too have been batch cooking 99% from scratch. I have been tidying out the 2 chest freezers and found allsorts of stuff i had forgotten about. I also went to the farm shop and bought a sack of pony carrots for £1.20, a sack of onions for 99p, 2 cabbages for £1, a bag of sprouts 50p and 2 heads of broccoli for 50p. I have been making more full dinners for hubby and grandson and i have made loads of soups for me.
    I have found absolutely loads of assorted portions of meat in one of the freezers all seperately bagged up which will do hubby for a stack of meals. I bought them when the local butcher had his monthly sale of all trays of meat which are normally £2.99 reduced to 99p. I bought about 15 assorted trays of pieces of steak, pork steaks in assorted marinades and plain ones, pork chops, lamb chops, chicken breasts etc and has they were all bagged up individually they got chucked in the freezer and got lost amongst other stuff so they were a good find. I also got a massive carrier bag of liver at the carboot a while ago and bagged that up into about 12 portions, the same with some trays of sausages that were 2 trays for £5 (20 links on each tray).
    I have made lasagnes, chillis and portioned up tubs of bolognaise to have with spaghetti.
    My grandsons are going away for the weekend with other grandparents and my daughter is doing a carboot on Sunday with her friend so i wont be going to the carboot as a buyer so wont be spending any money this weekend hopefully.
    Hope you manage to get what you are looking for at your carboot, take care jane x

  2. Your cooking looks delicious, Mandy.

    I have done quite a lot of decluttering over the last few weeks & really it is ongoing. It does feel better when it has gone from the house!