Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Low carb diet...any advice??

Hi everyone

Thank you for your lovely comments :)

I'm looking for advice today if anyone has been on a low carb diet before. I'm doing well but I'm finding it difficult to feel full. I'm not eating any bread or potatoes and only a tiny portion of pasta or rice occasionally. Carbs seem to be in everything so I'm removing the obvious ones and eating lots of fresh food.

Any tips or ideas would be gratefully received...you can email me from the contact me page, or leave a comment.

Thank you xxx

Yesterday we had lasagne for tea, so I just removed the lasagne for me...not the same but I'm committed this time as a lifestyle not a diet. I don't want to cook separately everyday as I'm really short of time now.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some tips on how to cut the grocery shop each week.

Mandy x


  1. my doctor told me to diet as if it was 1980's. GI food. I lost 8lb and dropped a dress size. need to lose more. sounds like you are not eating enough, your body will shut down and you will not lose any weight. try looking around you should find some books.

  2. What is GI food? I would not know how to follow the advice eat like the 1980's as I have no clue what it means. It sounds intriguing to me because it obviously worked. Could you explain please??

    1. G.I. means Glycaemic Index. baked potato is higher than new potato. butterbeans are 31 gi-22 carbs. Antony Warorral thompson [chef] did cookery book and tv programme in the 80's. I am a veggie and bought Rose Elliot low GI book. my new jeans are not a tight fit. think I'm a half size. down. hope this is of some help. least you now know what to Google.

    2. Thank you Phyllis that helps greatly!

  3. I am trying to cut carbs down and have started by eliminating gluten, so all wheat flour is out. I have muesli or a smoothie with a handful of oats in for breakfast. Today I had a slice of pasty made with gram flour for lunch, yesterday it was soup. Tonight I am making a chicken and vegetable pot pie, the topping will be made with gram flour and I will have Kale from the garden and cauliflower with that. I have apple cooked with cinnamon in the fridge and if I have any will stir a little cream into it.

  4. I'm doing low carb and gluten free, I've listed 3 days' worth of foods on my blog. I've not felt hungry at all, I think if you're going to cut out something (like carbs), it's important to replace it with something else to compensate. I'm eating plenty of protein, eggs and dairy (I don't subscribe to the view that fat is bad for you), as well as lots of above-ground veggies. I hope you continue to do well.

  5. You need to eat protein, even a handful of nuts are great. Eggs are fantastic too, starting the day with a couple keeps you full until lunch.

  6. Hi Mandy
    my daughter is doing Slimming world at the moment and has tried cutting carbs and having more protein. I have found that substituting certain foods for others has made a very big difference for her (i do most of her meals as i love cooking and she doesnt much like it).
    I bought a Spiralizer and make courgette "spaghetti" in place of regular spaghetti. I also pulse cauliflower florrets in the food processor and make cauli "rice" in place of regular rice.
    I didnt think she would eat eaither of the two but she loves them both and it is adding extra veg to her diet, She is having plenty of proteins especially chicken.
    I honestly didnt think she would stick to it but she has lost just under 4 stone since joining in June.
    Today it is slow cooker SW chicken curry and shes having it with some cauli rice. I also make double and freeze a portion for another day.
    Hope this helps and good luck jane xx

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