Thursday, 1 September 2016

Happy Birthday Daisy!

Hi everyone 

I'll catch up soon. Been so busy here! So just a quick post about today...

Today is Daisy's 4th birthday! We've had a lovely day. We bought Daisy her first bicycle so naturally needed to test it out! 

The sun was shining and we had a gentle stroll (ride for Daisy) around the reservoir. This was followed by a late lunch in the cafe there. 

Today has been a memory making kind of day :) happy times.

Now the party preparation begins!

Back soon

Mandy X 


  1. My granddaughter Rose is also having her first proper bike for her 4th birthday on the 14th and can't wait. She loves her scooter and bike with no pedals which you propel with your feet on the ground so her balance is good. Aren't they lovely at 4? Past the tantrums and before they get too worldly.

  2. lovely place for first bike ride. I loved the fours as jenny larking says past tantrums, and have worked out how they think the world works.
    have fun with the party.

  3. tantrums and before they get too worldly.