Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday


Today we had pancakes for tea.

Steve and Ashley had a 'proper' dinner as pancakes are not enough for them! They had spag bol which I had batch cooked and frozen last week.

My utility room has now been plastered by my lovely husband and I can't wait to see my quarry tiled floor (some time soon).

My piggy weekend has resulted in weight gain - 2.5 lb!!! Not good and I am going to try harder :-(

I have given up my frothy coffee for lent as this is very enjoyable and I will miss it, but also because it is highly calorific and I hope I will be able to stop drinking it after Easter too. I need very small lifestyle changes that I can mantain, so that the weight comes off and stays off! I am walking home from work tomorrow and Thursday (really need to exercise!!!)

Until tomorrow...

Mandy x

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