Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Catch up

Time for a catch up I think. I haven't posted for nearly a week because it has been an effort to do anything until now. Finally I am feeling a bit better (being back at work today left me with no choice!)

I did manage to do a little online shopping last week and did my first order with approved foods. This is what arrived:

The mess on the table is because two bags had split in transit and everything was covered in either granary bread mix or suet pastry mix. Some of these things have a very short best before date on them, but not all. As I was refunded for the damaged items, this lot cost me less than £20 - really impressive! So this is what I got:
3 Granary bread mix (1 bag was split) 

 3 x 12 oxo cubes
 A new toothbrush
2 x gingercake
 Cinder toffee (honeycomb)
 Luxury crumble mix
 Freezer bags
 Dish cloths
 2 x suet pastry mix
 Dog food
 2 x instant custard
 Bap mix
And my best bargain of all - my 99p mayonnaise (99p for all these)!!!

I will go back and look for other bargains soon.

Other news: I have sold three things on ebay so far this week, with loads more to list. This will keep me busy for a long time and I really need to do a car boot sale to clear the clutter and raise some cash.

I have lost 2lb this week, which brings my total to 7lb. I am so pleased, but still a long way to go.

I've got to go now to finish my meal plannning for the next month.

Mandy x

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