Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's been a while!

Its been a while because I have been so busy (apart from on Friday when I sat all day watching the beautiful wedding!)

It's a special day tomorrow because it's our 10th wedding anniversary. I'm really excited because I'm being taken out to dinner. My husband really spoils me!!!

We started celebrating on Saturday when I was taken out to lunch here:

Then we had an Indian takeaway in the evening, I put on 1/2 lb this week :-(

I have been working really hard trying to clear the clutter and I plan to start putting some more stuff on ebay soon. I really want to go on holiday this year, so I have to make some money.

Meals have mostly been homemade (I always forget to take photos) and tonight we had lasagne and salad, followed by treacle sponge with custard. All homemade, apart from the custard which I got from approved foods - this was instant and out-of-date! Once again, I have managed to eat food past it's sell by date. I could never eat past it's use by date though. I am getting much more better at not wasting and throwing away food - small life changes that add up to making a difference.

Mandy x

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