Thursday, 19 May 2011

Catch up

I read blogs all the time, but haven't been bothering to post on my own. I think - what's the point because no one is reading this! I am doing this as a diary, to motivate myself, but I would love some more followers.

Since my last post, we have celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

 We went out for a lovely meal and made a new friend.

Since then, our meals have been homemade and I have continued with the decluttering. I have sold 7 things on ebay and made £28. I will be listing more this weekend and have relisted the other 5 items that didn't sell. My weight loss is going badly, but I'm bored of it! I have planted out my little tomato, lettuce and cucumber plants - I hope they grow now!

I continue to plod on ...

Mandy x

1 comment:

  1. Hang on in there!
    When I first started I felt like you but kept at it, left comments at other blogs and eventually the followers number went up.

    Good luck with all the challenges you have set yourself.
    Ali x