Monday, 29 October 2012

Back Pain Again!!!

Hi, sadly my back pain has returned!

This time I simply picked up a bottle of bleach, that was all then the pain and lack of mobility had returned. This happened a week ago and now I am at the stage where I can sit up on the sofa and walk around slowly. I was advised when I injured my back 5 years ago that recovery is quicker when you're active. I have learnt that actually I recover quicker by giving in and resting my back. I take ibuprofen and use my tens machine to ease the muscle pain and wait...

It is so annoying because I have loads to do and I have to rely on my daughter to do all my chores while I get to cuddle my grandaughter ;)

Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Some good news... the boiler man is coming round on Wednesday and hopefully the boiler will be fixed??? The boiler broke down at the beginning of the year and finally we can have the choice of putting the heating on. We have got by with oil radiators and the electric fire in the living room, but now we have to keep the rest of the house warm because we have an 8 week old baby here and mould is beginning to appear around the windows. Daisy-May has a heater in her room to keep her cosy. The rest of us wrap up warm and keep busy (apart from me with my bad back!), we have hot drinks and soup, blankets on our knees in the evening and hot water bottles.

I hope you are all keeping warm :)

Mandy x

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