Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thrifty shopping and stocking-up the cupboards...Approved food

Approved Food Order

Hi, I have not had any time to blog lately because of our new arrival in the family. Little Daisy-May has turned our lives upside down (in a good way) and left no time for stuff like blogging. She is 6 weeks old now and absolutely perfect! Alice's pre-eclampsia has finally gone and she is feeling much better. I had forgotten just how much time is taken up looking after a new baby, but we are trying to get into a routine now. I did manage to make an Approved Food order last week...

There are all kinds of cupboard fillers here. I particularly stocked up on tins and packets for easy quick meals when I need extra time. I normally spend quite some time in the morning preparing the evening meal ready to be cooked later in the day, as I think it's important to cook from scratch.

Some items are to help me fill my chest freezer. I bought chocolate cake mix (even though I am quite capable of baking a cake) because cocoa is so expensive. This sack retailed at £14.99 and I bought it for £4.99. To me this is a bargain because my children loved the chocolate muffin mix we had before and I can fill the freezer really cheaply with cake for packed lunches and ready for pudding - chocolate pudding and chocolate custard : )

This is a good way of shopping for standby meals and so cheap. I only ever buy items in date which does prevent me from getting some fantastic bargains, bit it's an area I can't be frugal on.

I made 6 chocolate sponges earlier today, so I'll let you know how they taste!

Have you ever bought goods from Approved Food???

Hopefully I'll be back soon,

Mandy x

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