Thursday, 11 April 2013

Finding things in the freezer I forgot I had...

Hi everyone,

Just lately I haven't found time to bake.

I have even bought cake from the supermarket!

This IS NOT good money saving!!!

Yesterday I went to my freezer to get a loaf out and came back with a coffee sponge and fruit cake. I batch baked some time ago (probably put photos on my blog) and these items had been buried under frozen veg. I was so happy to provide my husband and daughter with cake for their packed lunches.

You see I had thought ahead if things got too hectic to bake - I'm just so tired that I totally forgot I had been organised!

A lesson has been learned here - keep the freezer organised (which I normally do) by putting the new shopping away properly instead of piling it on top of what's already there.

I wonder what else I will find lurking at the bottom of my chest freezer???

Is your freezer perfectly organised so you can put your hand to whatever you need?

Mandy x

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