Saturday, 6 April 2013

The first carboot sale of the season...

Hi everyone,

This morning we were up and about early for our first carboot sale this season. Daisy woke up for a feed at 3.30 and again at 6.30 so we were awake and ready to go, despite me being full of cold :(

We go to Finmere which is just inside Buckinghamshire, not too far for us to travel really. So me, Charlotte, Daisy and Flo (Charlotte's bulldog) wrapped up warm and braved the cold. It was worth the journey because we picked up some bargains:

  • Charlotte bought a tripod for her camera (she is a youtuber)  -  £5.
  • Charlotte picked up 2 dvds from the Twilight series and the lady gave her another that she didn't ask for too- £2
  • Charlotte also bought a watch - £2
  • I treated Flo to 5 cuddly animals -  £1 (she was so good walking round)
  • I bought Daisy a cot mirror toy -  £1
  • I also got her a large playmat - £1
  • 2 maracas - £1
  • A daisy photoframe for in her nursery - 50p
  • A ladybird book on wildflowers (we collect them) - £1
  • A new washing-up bowl - £2
  • Finally, 2 new prs fluffy socks for me - £2.60

Flo needed the toys because she sniffs around Daisy's toys when she shouldn't! She knows she is allowed to chew these new cuddlies and already has them all around her while she has a snooze. Daisy has a beautiful playmat from mothercare that cost grampy £45 and another for her to roll about on (£25), so she probably doesn't need anymore! I need a larger mat for when she can sit up unaided so she can choose which toys to play with and as we have two dogs, this is an area that I can keep clean for her to play. Daisy is not keen on her new cot. It's a large cotbed and she is so small in it. I would like to put some activity toys in there for her to get used to it during the day. At night they will be removed and her normal wind-down routine will take place so she knows it is bedtime. Daisy loves to shake her rattles and she loves music, so we can shake the maracas together. I collect anything 'daisies' for her nursery. The socks are needed because mine are looking grotty and we have been searching for a round bowl for ages. The ladybird book was a necessity, but we have some of these books from childhood and they are on display in our house. Grampy reads the rhyming ones to Daisy and she enjoys them. I felt I should justify my purchases as I am trying to declutter at the moment! The baby stuff will all be used and so will the bowl. I will throw out 2 prs socks. If new stuff comes into the house, I will get rid of the same amount.

Today has been a thrifty day because the baby stuff would have been a lot more if new.

Mandy x

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