Thursday, 8 August 2013

Dealing with someone else's clutter!

Hi everyone!

That someone else in the title is my youngest daughter. She hasn't lived with us since Christmas but the house and loft are full of her stuff. She stays with friends and calls herself 'homeless' even though we have a spare bedroom here and her bed! The fact is that she doesn't like living with us (even though her beautiful baby is here) and really doesn't get on with her sister now. She can't afford a flat (done that before and failed) because she is totally greedy with money and just spends it as she gets it. I musn't grumble, as she came to visit for the afternoon this week and bought Daisy a bottle of baby juice and some snacks that are too old for her (in the cupboard for when she's bigger now). Last time she came she bought her some bedtime nappies. We have simply asked for her to start paying back what she owes for Daisy's shopping, little by little. We both know that we will never see a penny from her, sad and very selfish.

On a happier note, Daisy is crawling!!! Exciting, but hard work because she is into everything... now the house needs sorting fast!

So far...
 I have sorted a kitchen drawer that contains my linens and Daisy's bibs, muslins, face cloths and cling film etc. It's much easier to find things in there now and I have kept it tidy.

I have emptied, scrubbed and decluttered my fridge, grouping items logically so I don't have to search.

I have tackled my huge pile of ironing and done about a third of it while Daisy was sleeping yesterday.

I have started on Daisy's room - it normally looks beautiful, but I have stored most of her mummy's things in there because she told me she was going to collect them the next evening. She never came and there is no new house, so the stuff is still waiting for removal. She has no space where she is staying, so we are stuck with it. I am hoping that my OH will put it in the loft where the rest of her c*ap is, so Daisy can have her room back and we can finally move her cot in there and make her nursery beautiful once more. Yesterday I looked at Daisy's old clothes and sorted two boxes to be sold. I battled with my hoarder instincts because every item reminded me of her and what she was like back then. I coped... I have photographs of her wearing these beautiful clothes and my other children don't want me to save them for when they have children, so they are going to the carboot sale in September. I have still kept quite a lot... all of her premature/tiny/early baby clothes to show her just how small she was. We bought everything for Daisy's arrival, so we can sell it. Any cash raised from this will go towards our home improvements. We want to live in a calmer environment, surrounded by nature and wildlife and our our animals. We want Daisy to be able to enjoy this lifestyle too. Hopefully when we move, she will come with us and her mummy to start fresh and build a better life and a better future. So, I will keep some memories for Daisy, just not everything! We are keeping the moses basket, bedding, bath and stand etc for any future grandchildren we may have, but not the clothes now. It's a start...


Taaleedee - Thanks for your advice, I will look into it again. The doctor didn't sign him off work anyway and he's getting better, thanks.

Alex - It was actually a pack of 4 eclairs! I only ate one though. I agree with you about budgeting being like dieting. Don't worry about rambling, I love reading the comments, although I don't get many now, just like before the lovely Frugal Queen linked my blog. I do have more page views than before, so people are still reading!


My shopping arrived on Tuesday evening and a pot of single cream was split. It was refunded and I kept the cream. The driver actually refunded both pots, so the other was free! The shopping this fortnight cost a lot less than normal but I would still rather shop instore to pick my own fruit, veg and salad stuff.

Today we (Daisy and I) are off to continue sorting her room. She loves sitting on her blanket and playing with her toys, having the freedom to crawl and explore. My lovely hubby took the bed apart and moved it into the spare room last night, so we have space to move things around now. All the movement in there had disturbed a huge spider which had probably been hiding in the mountain of bags, and it appeared while I was in the shower (my daughter warned me before I left the bathroom). My lovely hubby hero removed it! I am scared of spiders and wasps...this time of year is an ordeal for me. Spiders like dark places to hide...another reason to declutter and tidy up!

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy,
    seems you are like me in the hoarding department. I always think that something will "come in useful oneday" and it usually never does and I just end up with drawers and cupboards full of useless stuff.
    I really am going to have to be more ruthless as I really do need to declutter.
    We are still halfway through having the bathroom done but its finally getting there. I also had to buy a new washer (well hubby did) as my old one decided to die a death.
    Due to this added expense we really need to be tightening our belts now.
    I have just placed a small order with Approved Foods as they had huge tubs of assorted boullion powders (veg, beef, chicken) which I do use a lot of in my homemade soups etc. I also ordered quite a few of the chicken coatings as we like chicken breasts with various coatings and marinades and they were 16 packets for 75p, also large tubs of béchamel sauce mix at £1.49 a tub so stocked up on those as I will use it to add cheese to for lasagnes, parsley to to go with fish etc.
    I desperately need to sort out the spare room to accommodate the stuff that will be arriving next week.
    I have Weds/Thurs/Fri off next week so hopefully can get the house sorted out then.
    Great news on Daisy starting to crawl, only downside is that you will need to have eyes everywhere and at least 10 pairs of hands to help catch her :-)
    Well take care, jane

  2. I'm not overly keen on spiders and I'm finding it hard to show no fear in front of the little ones, especially at this time of the year!

    That's lovely to hear Daisy is starting to crawl - now nowhere is safe! Do you have a travel cot or something similar that you can have in your living area/kitchen? I used to pop mine in there for a wee while when I wanted to get bits & pieces done (ironing without fear of the cable being yanked, polish spray not at risk of being stolen & squirted in eyes... that kind of thing).

    Sounds like hubby is on the mend which is great to hear! Doing your back in is not pleasant, especially when you're a grafter (which he sounds like he is).

    I found it hard at first to sell my little ones clothes. Although neither were premature (one right on the button, and another a week overdue) they were little and fitted into the 5lb clothing for the first couple of weeks and even those were too big! I have saved special outfits, first shoes and the like which my mum did for me, but everything else has went either by selling it or to charity. The only thing is though, once I started, I couldn't stop. I'm constantly getting rid of clothes that no long fit asap instead of cluttering up my space!

    Sometimes it helps to declutter one step at a time so you can see the progress you're making and not get too overwhelmed. This is what it sounds like you're doing and I'm sure you'll notice a difference now you've re-organised your fridge and kitchen drawer.

  3. I was babysitting my GS. Today. He is three but is easy to look after as long as you take him to the park.
    My son is on night duty and I wanted him to get some sleep.
    Hope you can get your decluttering done. My H is the hoarder in my house

  4. well done with the decluttering - seems like we are all doing that I have to clear some items and then go back to clear more - can't be ruthless all in one go. The emotional attachment to these things paralyzes me but we will be down sizing and won't have the space - that helps to keep me focussed. Daisy sounds lovely and I do enjoy reading your blog having been directed here via Frugal Queen.
    Have a good day x