Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Planning ahead and making changes...

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been away from blogging for a few days, but it's been pretty hectic here! My lovely husband has been suffering with his back (he had bruised the facet joints by lifting and twisting) and was having very painful muscle spasms that left him bedridden. My OH is and always has been a grafter, he hates sitting still and works very hard to provide for us, but his job is manual and his body isn't happy about it at the moment! He went back to work yesterday (against my judgement) because he already took a week off with no pay because he's self-employed.

This situation has got me thinking...

we seriously need to plan ahead for this happening again in the future. We have enough money because we are sensible, so we can afford for some time off, but a back-up plan would be more sensible...

He is thinking of a career change - looking into evening classes to train in something else. Our ultimate goal is to own a smallholding up north (hopefully in Yorkshire), but we need an income, even though somewhat smaller than what we are used to now. We want to live a very simple life, becoming more and more self-sufficient - we have already started this by growing loads of veg in the garden and keeping chickens. We have harvested strawberries and courgettes so far and they are lovely, full of flavour.

There is still a long way to go though...

yesterday I did an online shop that is coming this evening. I confess that I bought things that we don't need, they are things that we want. Today I feel ashamed because I don't need a chocolate eclair, but the last few days we have eaten boring food because everything has been used up in my challenge and I fancied a treat. I used a list, but still got tempted - this has to stop!

We are not in debt (apart from paying a mortgage on our house) to anyone and we are able to pay our bills on time. Food shouldn't be viewed as a luxury, but it is the only bill that we can reduce. I did meal plan, it's all the little extras that I can make myself but don't find the time to which have pushed the price of our shopping up.

I will change this now!!!

From now on...

 I will meal plan and write a shopping list and stick to it.
I will make the shopping I get stretch as far as possible and last longer.
I will continue to experiment, making up my own recipes to keep us interested in cheaper meals and not buy goodies.
I will make time to bake for the cake tin and use my approved food bap mix for lunches.
I will continue to use up leftovers and not waste a thing.
I will save money!

I need to go now and make more plans and write lists. I will be back with my progress and a mini challenge... I want to join in with austerity August and spend as little as possible...

I want to declutter, tidy, clean, sell things, make money for our home improvements to get on the market to sell, rearrange my house to be more logical with a home for everything and be more organised.

Our new life won't happen without hard work and effort, but we can do it and we will. Let the challenge begin...

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. Are you sure that your hubby is not entitled to any pay. My hubby is self employed and there is money he can claim. It is not a lot but helps.

  2. Hi Mandy,

    We're in similar boats on the opposite sides of the ocean lol I left my job 12 months ago to care for my Aunt. However had she not been ill, my wife and I had already discussed me leaving work to start my own business. I really needed a change!

    We are also the same regarding, the only money we owe is our mortgage, which is paid on time as our other bills.

    I'm lucky as my wife is a list writer and sticks to it quite well... I on the other hand lol well lets say.... don't send me out shopping on my own lol I'll come home with all kinds of 'treasures!'

    Don't beat yourself up over the chocie eclair, things could always be worse. You could have bought a bunch of them. I probably would have lol.

    Budgeting is like dieting. If you hit it all guns blazing - strict as strict can be, failure will be in sight. My wife (and my sister) are both on the diet/gym bandwagon at the moment. They were both so hard on themselves and making themselves miserable, so one day of the week they allow themselves to have a treat. It doesn't have to be something huge, but something nice, something different.

    I see budgeting as the same, do what you can, make the cuts where you can. But don't punish yourself if you do see something that would look nice in your home, or go with an outfit - or if you want that chocie eclair because you're nearing the end of your groceries for that week, fortnight, month etc.

    I'm soooo Sorry, I tend to ramble when I comment on your page and I haven't the faintest idea why?!?! lol