Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I'll be back soon...

As the title says...I'll be back soon.

Thank you for your lovely comments and waiting for me to return.

Mandy x


  1. I was only thinking of you earlier, dont feel stressed to blog. Hope everything is ok. I always like to see your smiling face on your blog. Hope to read your blog again soon.
    Sarah. X

  2. Just "dropped by" to see how you are, so will send a hug and hope you are blogging again soon x

  3. I was getting quite worried that something had happened but I'm so glad you're going to be back with us soon. Take as much time as you need, we'll still be here for you when you .
    feel like writing again.
    Don't feel guilty about having a splurge now and again, I did exactly the same after the log burner was fitted, it meant we had to redecorate and buy new furnishings after we bought the new sofa (which did deplete all the money we had left) and I did feel guilty as we could have managed a while longer with the old sofa but whilst we had the money left decided it made sense to get one sooner rather than later. This then made the long time between paydays very frugal but we survived.
    Looking forward to some cooking inspiration so please don't stop writing.
    take care and enjoy the time with Daisy, were all here for you, jane xx

  4. Hurray!!! Hope all is well & you can find a way to continue blogging. I've just read through the comment on the previous post and can understand your difficulties. It's a toughie. Sx

    1. Hi Sara
      I am going to continue, just be careful what I say. I am planning a new blog which will show all the things I make, but haven't had time to design it yet. As you know, I'm loving Instagram ATM!

      Thanks for sticking by me xxx