Monday, 10 February 2014

Charity shop goodies and a message for Jane

Hi everyone,

On Saturday I went out with my lovely daughter Charlotte. We had lunch in the tearoom that's within Brackley Antique Cellar...

Then we had a mooch around the shops. Sadly, only one out of the three charity shops we found were open. This was a small but very friendly shop with some good bargain baskets. I picked up a few bits for Daisy here...

Daisy is really into rabbits and ducks, so I do collect different ones for her to cuddle. These were all in bargain baskets.

I also picked up some clothes for her...

The little dress is from baby gap and I paid 50p for it. The photo didn't come out very well, but it's a lovely navy blue with white edging. I also got her a long sleeved purple top and a winter hat, both were in the bargain basket...30p each. 

I can't wait until the Carboot  season starts again!

Other news... I want to blog but I need to be careful, so I don't see the point at the moment. 

There have been fencing repairs because of the weather and our cooker broke beyond repair, so not a very thrifty time for us :(

I can't wait to be able to bake again and start building my new blog. Hopefully soon.

Finally a message for Jane...

Thank you... pretty awful. I'm also going to sort out my google mail account if you'd like to 'chat'???

Thanks for reading

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy
    Ive been worried there was some kind of upset happening, please don't think people don't care as I can assure you they do.
    You're charity shops bargains are lovely. I haven't been looking round ours very much just lately as finances are tight here also due to the expense of redecorating and buying new soft furnishings after having the log burner fitter.
    We are also finding it expensive to run at the moment due to having to buy logs and having to buy them in small quantities as having nowhere to store a large quantity just yet (they are cheaper if bought by the tonne).
    We are loving that we finally have a warm house and hopefully we are saving on the gas as I haven't used any at all except for cooking so should see a massive saving there, eventually.
    It should all even itself out in time, and if we can build up a store of both wood and smokeless fuel over the summer months ready for next winter should see savings in time.
    I would love to chat and hope you can get a mail address sorted.
    We have been going to the local carboot sale as its still on all year round but unfortunately theres not been many bargains to be had. I've picked up a couple of books and a genuine Paul Frank handbag like new for £1 recently but that's been it. I've had a few bargains from the meat van such as massive cheese wheels with 8 assorted cheeses with a RRP of £9.99 each and I paid 2 for £5. enough cheese to keep me going for quite a while. Also bacon medallions at £1 a massive pack for hubby.
    Ive been finding it hard to keep within budget food wise lately as the doctor has put OH on a low fat diet du o a raised cholesterol level so having to make him slightly healthier meals instead of stew with massive dumplings etc as planned to use up some of my dried goods stash. I think i'm just about managing and luckily he can have healthy puds of tinned fruit with home made Easi-yo yogurt thanks to my accumulated Approved foods bargains and packets of Easi-yo mix that were being sold off in Julian Graves when it was closing down for 10p a packet instead of my planned suet puds with custard.

    Hope you manage to get the cooker sorted and back to home baking ASAP.
    I hope there are happier times ahead and things can be resolved with the least amount of uspet for all concerned.
    Please feel free to delete this after you've read this ,message and I hope to be able to chat soon, you have friends here that do worry about you and the family, take care, love jane x

  2. Hi Mandy was missing your posts. Sorry things are difficult but you obviously had a lovely time out with Charlotte. Hope you can sort out a new blog when you are ready and send you best wishes for a happier time ASAP - I,d like that for my middle daughter who just keeps having bad things happening in her life. Bring on the good times they are overdue. I,m living in South Africa at the moment till we find a buyer for our house and return to England. My daughter through circumstances is with her husband and young family newly arrived in Dublin for a bit and every time she gets sorted job car transport something goes wrong and with no family or friends they are very vulnerable. So again I say bring on the better times for us all

  3. Hi Mandy, I too have been wondering what is happening with you. Children - I have a 41 year old Son who is a real worry - does it ever end? Please contact me if you need to chat - I am older than you so have been through lots of stuff. Hugs Pauline.

  4. Sorry to hear you're having a difficult time at the moment. I agree with Shirley, things WILL get better. We've had three leaks in as many months plus our rising damp problem is still ongoing. I'm fed up of spending money on things that I don't want to spend money on! Onwards and

  5. That lunch has made me want cake and lovely little crustless sandwiches. Aaaggghh. No good for the diet. You got some great prices in the charity shop. The ones round here are more than the original shops!
    Much love. X

  6. Hi mandy, thank you for your lovely comment i will reply to you via email tomorrow but i just wanted to say a quick thank you now. I dont know why you haven' been coming up in my new feed but i am now following you again well i hope so anyway. Hugs, dee xx

    1. Ok dee, I'll check my emails tomorrow xxx

  7. Hi Mandy,
    Thinking of you and also wishing you better days. Oh what beautiful finds with the dress and toys. Daisy will be growing so quickly. Best wishes to you. Lors x

  8. What lovely buys you found, hope Daisy enjoys them!
    We are finally having some cooler weather & I put the oven on yesterday for the first time since Christmas! We even had a small amount of rain on Friday night & Saturday which was lovely.
    Chin up. xo

  9. Hope everythings OK?? take care, jane xxx

    1. Hi jane, we're fine thank you x I'm just finding it hard to blog at the moment. I can't talk about my personal life or post photos here now because I've been told off! Yes she's a regular reader and is cross with me. My life is hard enough without having to watch every single word I publish.

      I have been cooking lovely meals, but I forget to photograph them! I haven't been all that thrifty lately (bought Daisy a lot of new things with money saved) so I feel a bit of a fraud too! I've been really concentrating on getting the house sorted, which is almost there and spending lots of time playing with Daisy.

      The fact that you left a comment has made me think about starting up again...even when I think my meal plans, recipes etc are boring to read, they may appeal to a reader out there??? I don't know!

      I'm just looking for inspiration and motivation to get going again.

      I hope you're doing well and you've kept cosy with the new log burner!

      I'm off to cook spaghetti Bol for tea of Daisy's favourites.

      Thanks for thinking of us

      Mandy xxx