Monday, 24 August 2015

Carboot finds and a help yourself kind of tea...

Hi everyone

The sun was shining and we went car booting on Saturday. This was brave for me because there were so many wasps about and I have a phobia! One actually became entangled in Charlotte's hair!! I did find bargains though...

Some bits for the grandchildren :)
Total of £3

I remember these style of trays from my childhood and have been on the lookout for ages. Normally they are priced too high for me, but these were £1 each...already in use!

Four dresses for £4.50!
I'm so pleased with these...all are a size 14 except for the Laura Ashley butterfly one which is a 16. I used to wear an 18/20 top half and 16 bottom half. Now I can wear a 14 :) 

I also bought three books for 70p...bargain! I will photograph later. All wartime stories that I love.

One of our favourite teas is a help yourself tea (picky bits). Daisy loves helping me prepare these, setting the table beautifully...

This was a ploughmans lunch (tea). I've had to change the meal plan slightly due to the really hot weather...not a slow cooker stew kind of day! We've got our roast today...can't wait!

Mandy x


  1. Great bargains Mandy loving the basket, tray and your dresses. And a pix a mix lunch and a ploughman's to boot my favourite :-) Hope you enjoy your roast dinner definitely something to warm you up today another wet day here in Somerset. dee xx

  2. Certainly got some good buys, i like the stag tray. Picky lunches àre always good too x