Tuesday, 25 August 2015

New books and a few little changes!

Hi everyone

Yesterday Charlotte helped me to change a few things on my blog. We've updated a couple of bits and added a contact page with my email address and Pinterest account username. I would love to hear from you...any requests for recipes etc. 

There's also an about me page if you're interested ;)

Yesterday I taught Daisy how to shell peas. Once she got the hang of it, she was really fast...although both of us had a few stray peas that popped across the room (to the dog's delight!) they were lovely with our roast dinner.

These are the books that I picked up from the carboot sale. One was 30p and the other two were 20p each...70p for three book and hours of entertainment for me...bargain! I love discovering different authors then I look out for other books they've written. 

This is my current book. I'm really into it and will be looking out for more Lizzie Lane paperbacks. Most of the books I read are set during wartime or the 1950s. 

Does anyone else love wartime stories?

We're making quiche this afternoon...wish me luck! Pastry is not always successful! I don't actually like shop bought short crust so we will have a go...practice makes perfect.

Mandy x

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