Friday, 5 August 2016

Summer holiday fun!

Hi everyone,

This week seems to have whizzed by. There's been rain so we've played indoors with the children's new toys...

At Daisy's cafe I was served cheese kebabs and burnt chicken "that's how we cook it here"!! She's so funny. Thankfully pudding was biscuits :) we love wooden toys.

On Tuesday Daisy had her first ever trip to the cinema. I thought it was a good time to wear her new shoes...

I love traditional style clothes and have bought these shoes before. 

Yesterday was mainly spent in the kitchen. I got tea ready first. Toad in the hole and fresh vegetables. We picked Daisy's peas and runner beans...

Daisy wanted me to take a photo of her giant bean! We had cabbage, cauliflower and carrots too. Toad in the hole is one of Daisy's favourites...

Next we baked while Henry napped. I found Delia Smith's Book of Cakes at the carboot. I had some apples and eggs to use up so we made an apple cake...

Chunky Apple Cake

I used eating apples so put less sugar in.

Daisy tested it at lunchtime and decided it was best eaten with custard as a pudding.

Then we made a Victoria sandwich for Grampy...

The shopping comes today. I haven't bought any goodies except for treat night chocolate, so Daisy and I will be baking again to fill the cake tins and get ready for Sunday teatime. I'm back to baking...less rubbish and saving some pennies, plus more fun!

Mandy x 


  1. I have Delia's book too. There are some good recipes in it. I love the new shoes! Summer blessings to you all x

  2. Hi Mandy
    your meals sound lovely, we all love toad in the hole here as well, infact anything in yorkshire puddings with gravy, sometimes just the pudding and onion gravy.
    We got back from holiday late Tuesday night and i had to do some shopping but must have been still in holiday mode so forgot a few things (potatoes, onions & few other staple ingredients) so need to go again at some point.
    We went straight away with the money we came back with to book one for next year so now really need to get into frugal mode with a vengeance as next years holiday is a bit (lot) more expensive than we are used to but a lot better resort and hotel.
    I started with buying up some cheap salad stuff as the market was closing when we went to the travel agents, (big carrier bag full for £1) so salady meals for the next few days and have used some of the massive bunch of spring onions to make potato salad with a lurking tin of new potatoes and some mayo, also a grated carrot & beetroot salad with chopped olives (jars of beetroot & olives from the cupbaord with a few lurking carrots from the bottom of the fridge that were still OK when we got back).
    For todays main meal we are having some cooked turkey pieces from the freezer with instant mash, tinned carrots & peas and some gravy.
    Im still trying to use up what we have and intend making some sponge puddings with tinned pears on the bottom (like pineapple upside down cakes but with pears) as i have a cupboard full of assorted tinned fruits to use. I still have a huge bag of custard powder bought from Approved foods last year and also bags of assorted angel delight type mixes (choc, strawberry & banana also from AF) so lots of stuff for sweet treats in the cupboards to keep us going.
    The weather has turned cooler since we went away so more soups will be being made the next couple of weeks then myself, Amy and the boys have 5 days in Scarborough to look forward to. We have already paid this in advance so no need to panic over finding the stay money and i have saved half of my spending money already so i am on track. there will be lots more frugal meals being created when we get back so we can start paying next years holiday off monthly.
    I too have Delias cake book as well has her Frugal food and the complete cookery course one, also her cheats and a couple of others, all of which are very good for meal ideas.
    take care, jane

  3. hello mandy,
    your new shoes are so beautiful. your cake looks delicious,also toad in the hole.
    wish you a nice time,
    hugs regina