Saturday, 13 August 2016

Home cooking and a little shopping...

Hi everyone,
I thought I'd share a few photos with you...

I buy good quality clothes for the children and love this traditional style.

This is one of Daisy's birthday presents. I can't believe she's four in a couple of weeks! We already have the nurse rag doll, so I'm adding Little Red Riding Hood. 

Here's some food pictures...

Crustless quiche (thank you Michelle at  Remembering the old ways for the idea) and advice xxx

It was delicious!

Porridge in the summer:)

Roasted paprika chicken with baked new potatoes and salad. 

A retro pudding!

Nigellas chocolate pear pudding. So easy and so comforting. Sadly I forgot to photograph it before tucking in!!

Tonight's tea was breaded fish. I had some frozen fish fillets to use up. I dipped them first in beaten egg then breadcrumbs and parsley and baked them. It was lovely.

I've been looking for a cotton nighty for Daisy for ages. This one was in the sale and absolutely beautiful.

The smell of fresh bread in my kitchen.

A busy day ahead in the kitchen. Roast for Sunday lunch and baking for teatime.

Mandy x 

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  1. It's my grandaughter's 4th birthday on the 14th September and I would love to get her a nightie like Daisy's. Where did yours come from?