Saturday, 11 June 2016


Hi everyone

Just a quick question...when you leave a comment, do you come back and check for a reply? The reason I ask is that I think if you have been kind enough to 'chat' to me then I want to make sure you know I value that and have replied. 

In the past I have replied to comments at the beginning of the next post, but more recently reply as I see them. I think I will go back to the old way of replying within the next post so hopefully you'll see them. I'm rambling on! Just a thought...

Mandy x


  1. I do try to go back and see any replies but if I have had a busy day it does slip my mind. I do have the odd couple of days when I only write my post and do not look at another blog, then have a pig out session of catch up. Then I leave lots of comments and probably miss going back to check.

  2. I reply to quite a lot of comments on my blogs but not all. When it comes to other people's blogs if I leave a comment I usually tick the "notify me" box so I know if the blogger has followed up my comment but I don't do that if I just write "great post" or something similar. I don't just write"great post" very often but if it's a blog that doesn't get many comments I try hard and occasionally get desperate! Sometimes I tick notify me even if I haven't commented if I think there may be an interesting conversation in prospect. (I've ticked the box this time.)

  3. Hi Mandy,
    I check in every day with all the blogs saved in my favourites list on the laptop, usually in a morning whilst im enjoying a quiet cuppa before others get up. If I have time i sometimes check again later in the day to see if anyone has updated their blogs.
    Hows the money saving going? I have been on a desperate frugal week to save as much as we can this week to the extent that we ran out of potatoes last Tuesday and normally i would have run to the shops to buy a bag, instead i did paella one day using up some rice i brought back from Spain last year, a bolognaise pasta bake another day and a chilli and rice the next. I also made medium sized yorkshire puds to go with chicken breast in gravy inside them. Yesterday i used some instant mash to go with sausages>
    I gave in and bought a 2kg bag yesterday as i have my dad coming for dinner today but as there will only be OH and dad there will be potatoes left for maybe tomorrow and Tuesday.
    I have decided that when we run out of something not to replace it immediately but see what substitutes i can use from my stores of stuff. It may have been only a small thing this week but every penny counts.
    take care jane xxx

  4. I often go back and check for other comments rather than a reply

  5. I read a Lot of blogs but dont often comment (I have depression issues) and I havent written my blog for a long long time (see brackets above). I may write again when dearest girl leaves for student accommodation. Btw, did you know Tracey at My Beautiful Life is blogging again. so glad about this. I am glad your little family are doing well. You are a wonderful mother and grandmother. Take care my lovely x