Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Thank you!

Hi everyone, 

Thank you to Pam, Frugally challenged, Jane, Meg and Susan for your comments. 

Jane, I have to be honest that my money saving has not been brilliant lately. I haven't been carbooting for weeks and the children have needed new clothes so no bargains there! My groceries are still out of control but I have meal planned. I'm getting my act together now! It sounds like you've been working very hard to save money. I think if we can be adaptable and make a meal from what we have it not only stops us from buying more but prevents waste too...well done you x

A special thank you to Susan for your kind words. Also, thank you for letting me know about Tracey's blog, I didn't know that and I loved her blog :) x

Ok, so I'm busy as usual but I'm hoping to have more to share with you soon as I get myself sorted. I need to start baking regularly again and get better routines in place. One thing I am doing more of is knitting...

Daisy asked for another dolly blanket for her dolly's cot. I made it as easy as possible so I can get it done quickly. She has also asked for some clothes for her dolls and I really want to get started on the children's cardigans. I've bought some cream wool for that. I really enjoy knitting.

We are off on holiday soon so I'm busy preparing for that..I write lists! It's Henry's first holiday and Daisy is very excited. We're looking forward to creating memories for them. 

I hope everyone's well,

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy,
    i am still trying to use up what we have and not buy any more things whilst we still have a mountain of stuff we could use has substitutes. All little savings but when added up can save a considerable amount.
    we havent been to many carboot sales this year either, mainly through lack of money or the weather hasnt been too good but we went a few weeks back and were lucky enough to find a stall with 8 pair of boys shorts in age 9/10 for Daniel, just what we were looking for and she only wanted £5 for them all and 3 pair still had tags on from Next so a real bargain.I love it when you go and find exactly what you were looking for.
    There is also a stall selling Polish foods such as sauces, noodles and concentrated syrups to put into water, all at a lot cheaper than normal Polish/European supermarkets such as 5 packets of noodles for £1 instead of the usual 49p a packet, the syrups were all 50p instead of £1.49 in the supermarkets, I add them to soda water instead of dilute juice as they are a lot more concentrated so you only need a VERY tiny drop.
    We are hoping to try and get to at least another one before our holiday in August to Scarborough to see if we can find any more bargains.
    Your knitting is coming along well, i unfortunatley am not gifted in either knitting or sewing and can just about crochet a plain square blanket but thats it.
    take care jane xx

  2. I'm glad to see that someone else knits doll's clothes. I recently knitted a skirt and cardigan for my granddaughter's op shopped cabbage patch doll which I gave her for her 3rd birthday.

  3. Hope to see you at the Finmere car boot sale soon

  4. HI: i am so happy I found your blog. I also have permanent custody of my grandchildren; I've had Eric since he was 4 (after a nasty custody battle) and Shel since she was a day old - he's now 11 and she's 5 and some days I feel 20 years younger than I am and a lot of days I feel 20 years older. I too am knitting and crocheting doll clothes. Since the arrival of kids I've become much more frugal. I've read some of your older posts and I think I'll learn a lot from you and also feel there's someone out there who knows what I'm going through most days. Take care.