Sunday, 13 August 2017

Thrifty times ahead!

Hi everyone,

I've decided to go back to my thrifty ways in preparation for Christmas. I've already bought two presents! Christmas is expensive for us because we choose it to be. This does take some planning and saving up though. 

The plan is to tighten our belts and make cutbacks where we can. We've enjoyed a lovely holiday and now it's time to think about Christmas! So there's lots for me to organise and I thought I'd share my thrifty meals on here with you. There will be batch cooking, cooking from scratch and loads of baking! I've got lots of flour, yeast, sugar, dried fruit, cocoa and icing sugar and I've bought extra marg and eggs so I can fill the freezer with goodies. The chest freezer has meat and veg so the slow cooker is coming out for batch cooking. 

I had a £15 voucher from the supermarket so I put in an extra order to bulk buy toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, washing powder etc. These are all things we use so I might as well save by buying in bulk.

There's lots to be done and saving money usually involves spending time. Time I do have at the moment with it being the summer holidays and I can involve the children too.

I love a challenge and I hope you'll join me for daily updates. 

Mandy x

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