Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dentist Disaster!

Last Saturday (11th) I had to go to the dentists to have a filling. I am quite scared, even to have a check-up! The problem I have with fillings is that my mouth never completely numbs. I have an extra set of nerves on my bottom left side which means that any work done there has pain attached, and guess where the filling was!!! I try to be brave, but because I feel the drilling, I am constantly on edge and flinch when I feel it. I have to have numerous injections and adrenalin, but still I can't completely numb in that area. On Saturday, the usual happened and when the dentist had finished I sat up and was talking to her. She asked me to blink, and then blink again. I couldn't blink because my left hand didn't move. I could only wink with my right eye! She said that the injection fluid must have seeped to an optical nerve and I would have to wear an eye patch until my blink reflex returned. My eye was stuck open which was a very strange feeling. With a sore mouth and a dodgy eye, I went home feeling very sorry for myself.

Feeling really sorry for myself :-(

My dental saga continues as I now have to have root canal treatment on a tooth that has died (it was filled deeply and the nerve died as a result) and it's on the bottom left :-(   this will cost approx £520. I also have a cavity in my top wisdom tooth which she is not going to fill, but want to pull it out, along with the other one. My biggest fear of the dentist is having a tooth out and this prevented me from going for 10 years!

All I can think about at the moment is my teeth :-(     :-(     :-(     :-(     :-(     :-(     :-(

Today I have spent mostly in the kitchen. I have cooked my lovely husband roast beef and yorkshire pudding (Steve normally cooks the Sunday roast, but it's father's day), baked white rolls, a madeira cake and a cherry and coconut cake, and three loaves of soda bread - which doesn't look very appetising:

I also boiled up some baby beetroot for our salad tomorrow. Steve is growing new potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, spring onions, beans and lettuces in our garden.

A busy day in the kitchen which I enjoy, followed by an early evening walk over the fields with Steve and our scruffy dog Jake.

Mandy x

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  1. Oh my word, what a disaster, poor you. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Btw, the pictures of all your lovely baking in a previous post are truly mouthwateringly yummy!