Monday, 20 June 2011

I have another follower!!!

Hooray! I now have 4 followers :-)  Thank you Loo from Jumbles and Pompoms xxx

I always think that I'm talking to myself here and that nobody could possibly be interested in what I have to say. I absolutely love reading other people's blogs and that's how I relax in the evenings. I have gained so much in the way of ideas for my home, frugal living and recipes.

So, an update on my thrifty homemade challenge:
  • I have been looking on the MSE website (old style) for ideas on how to save money.
  • I have been reading blogs for ideas (particularly frugal queen)
  • Today we had chicken salad for tea, where the lettuce, spring onions, red onions and new potatoes were all from Steve's vegetable plot.
  • I have been doing a little decluttering at a time (I find this more manageable and successful) and am currently tackling my recipe books (I have far too many).
  • Charlotte gutted her room today and has thrown out loads of stuff. I will help her to ebay, carboot or recycle it over the next couple of weeks.
  • A carboot sale is in the pipeline. I have never done one before, but I have a garage full of stuff to sell.
I will plod on and soon I will be able to start my new hobby - learning to sew! I will try to post more often, to motivate me into keeping up with my challenge.

Thank you for reading,

Mandy x

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  1. Hi Mandy, yay! I remember when I had three followers and I posted about it and the three followers were my partner, my daughter and myself! That's sad, I know.

    Yes, a boot sale is fun - go for it!