Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Hi and Happy Easter!

I've had a lovely day with my family, playing board games all afternoon!

Ashley's girlfriend is spending the weekend with us, which is special because she's been in France, teaching children how to ski since the first week in December. 

I've been away from blogging for a while because I haven't been well. After my back problem was getting better, I got a cancellation appointment to have my upper wisdom teeth removed at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. These teeth prevented me from going to the dentist for 10 years! Silly, I know, but I was petrified of having teeth out. One had developed early decay because I simply couldn't get at them with my toothbrush, so they had to go. It was nearly 3 weeks ago now, but they still haven't healed up completely. I have followed all the rules so haven't had any problems and I am getting there at last. The procedure began with the injections (I'm fine with these) and two of these were into the roof of my mouth. This made my mouth swell up and the roof was touching the back of my tongue. This set off my gag reflex and I was sick 4 times :-(
After that, I had to sit with my head bowed to prevent any further vomiting. The surgeon then removed them with me sat with my head right down and my mouth nearly shut! He was so good and understood my anxiety. The dental nurse and surgeon really looked after me and sat me in a side room to recover (head still bowed until the anaesthetic was wearing off). It was traumatic because I was so scared, but the actual removal of the wisdom teeth was really quick and easy (definitely down to the skill of my surgeon) and I'm so glad they're gone now.

My recovery has been slow because I was living on sloppy mash potato and mousse. I felt so tired, sick, dizzy and weak. I am just beginning to eat more solid food now, but finding chewing some foods difficult.

My lovely daughter Alice has been really ill for some time now. We know part of the reason why she's been so sick, but then she had a water infection that developed into having E-coli in her bladder. Our GP wouldn't admit her to hospital because her immune system is low and the hospital has too many bugs that she would have then caught. We were really worried because she was dehydrated, not even able to keep fluids down. We never worked out if it was the E-coli or the anti-biotics making her sick, but thankfully she has been fine the last couple of days. She eats very little and has lost so much weight. I just hope that her health will improve now, I feel so helpless. I'll say why she's ill another day because it's not for public knowledge at the moment.

Also, my other daughter crashed her car and was very lucky that the car coming the other way was going slow, otherwise it would have hit her and she could of been seriously hurt. She is ok though and bought another car the following day!

Doom and gloom as usual, but hopefully things will start to improve for us soon.

Hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend,

Mandy x

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