Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I don't understand blogger???

I don't understand what's just happened. I just tried to sign into my blogger account and it said my blog had been removed! Well I never removed it. After getting a verification code sent to my mobile, I found my blog again. Also, sometimes my comments on other blogs just don't stick. It tells me it has been published, but then it disappears??? Then I got excited because I have another follower, but guess what... it's me!!! How on Earth did that happen? Now I'm really confused.

Well, nevermind, it's back now.

Today I changed my outlook, I've decided to focus on the positives from now on (easier said than done) and to get myself motivated to make the changes needed in my home. I'll be back when I have something exciting or useful to report.

Today I sorted out my knitting basket in preparation for actually doing some more knitting. My daughter has cast on for me (I can't remember how so something I need to learn) with some beautiful fushia pink wool. I am knitting large squares which I will sew together to make a throw/blanket for one of my sofas. This will be square number 2, so I have quite a long way to go!

I've been so fed up with my recent ill health lately, that I have even lost interest in cooking and baking. My wisdom tooth removal meant that I couldn't eat solid food and it's so disheartening to cook a lovely meal and then have to cook mashed potatoes just for me. Tomorrow morning I am going to do a bit of baking and I'll put the photos up to prove it! I've got some oranges and lemons that need using up, so there will be orange and lemon cakes at least. My tea-loaf turned out well and improved with age, so I may make another one tomorrow. I hope the chickens won't let me down with their supply of eggs.

So tomorrow is baking and knitting - things that I usually enjoy. Sadly all the boring jobs will still be there...ironing :-(

Right, fingers crossed that this post will actually be posted!

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy, so sorry to hear your not feeling great, but its good to try and change the way you think and being positive is a good place to start ;-) I had a problem with blogger the other week to when it did the same and i had to get the word sent to my phone. Have a nice day today enjoy your knitting and baking, dee x

    1. Thanks Dee,

      I've had a good day! I actually felt motivated and cleaned my cooker - something I have been putting off.

      Another busy day planned for tomorrow - looks like I'm back on track.

      I hope you and your family are well.

      Mandy x