Thursday, 10 January 2013

A day of sewing and decluttering.

Today I've been busy...

I've made 2 dog beds with a spare cover for each. I actually used my new sewing machine too! I was going to show you photos, but I can't seem to upload them :(

I have also been decluttering, this is what I've sorted:

  • old duvet made into dog beds
  • old sheet made into dog beds
  • old blanket made into dog bed covers
  • old duvet cover made into dog bed cover
  • another old duvet made into dog bed cover
  • 16 books boxed up for the Air Ambulance charity bag (bag came through the door today and is collected on Tuesday)
  • 3 videos boxed up for the Air Ambulance charity
  • fish slice (charity) I have 3 already
  • maths GCSE CD ROM (charity) my children have left school!
  • blue egg cup and cosy (charity) my son is nearly 23 so has outgrown it
  • 2 x school rugby tops (charity) as above!
  • 4 cuddly toys (charity)
  • 2 x baby cardies (charity) unliked by my daughter
  • 20 newborn size huggies nappies (charity) as above
  • home magazine (given to my son's girlfriend)
  • biscuit tin from Christmas (given to my son's girlfriend to store baking)
I also sorted my small freezer. I have meals in there where I did batch cooking, but I haven't labelled them! Tea tomorrow is either pot luck, or sausage and bacon pasta. I want to use up all the odds and ends and discover what batch cooking is lurking in there. I freeze these and leftovers in marg tubs.

A very productive day!

Something I brought into the house was a jar of homemade piccalilli, which I love with cheese. This was passed on via my son's girlfriend. Her nan gave us some lovely pickles at Christmas too - red cabbage, onions and plum and ginger chutney. She has also knitted loads of cute little things for Daisy-May - a kind and thoughtful lady.

Tomorrow I plan to continue with the big declutter and do some baking.

Mandy x

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  1. 3 fish slices? V.productive, Mandy. Well done. I'm continuing my decluttering mission too and it's feeling good. xx