Monday, 21 January 2013

Approved Food order and ebay sales

I placed an order with approved food a week ago and it finally arrived today. No photo of my goodies, but i did find some bargains.

  • 35 pencils (3p each) for my husband (he's a builder and gets through a lot of them)
  • stardrops x4 (99p each) this is 1.99 in my local supermarket and never on offer, so I stocked up.
  • onion bhaji mix x4 (25p each) for my husband. We love an Indian takeaway, but they're expensive. I can make a curry, but don't know where to start with an onion bhaji!
  • knorr stock pots (12.5p per pot) I've just started using these because oxo cubes are becoming more expensive. I normally buy these are 25p per pot on offer, so this is a real bargain that I will make good use of.
  • Porridge sachets (15p each) that's 15p for my breakfast (not bad eh?) I bought the cheapest porridge oats in the supermarket yesterday and they were 85p. I can remember when they were 35p.
  • Dried mixed herb sachets (9p each) I use these a lot in my cooking and can't grumble at that price.
  • navy blue shoe polish (29p) I've been looking for this for ages and can only find black or brown. I've got a pair of navy kicker boots that I've had for years and love. They've lasted because I look after them, but they are a little scuffed on the toe so I need the polish - now I've found it for 29p!
  • Cadbury's instant hot chocolate (12p a cup) We love a hot chocolate this time of year, but really don't like the cheap stuff. I wait for it to be on offer, but this is rare. I bought the stuff in cups because it's cadbury's and it's cheap!
These were my best bargains, although I did buy some other stuff too (using my ebay sales funds). My order came to £34 with a saving of £36, so it would have been £70! I haven't wasted any money and this is a way for us to have a few guilt free treats.

Now on to my ebay sales - I've sold 2 books and they're all ready to be posted. I won't count them into my declutter record until they've actually gone to the post office.

Today's dinner was beef casserole in the slow cooker and the leftovers will be turned into a pie for tomorrow's dinner.

  • stewing beef browned with 2 chopped leeks
  • 5 button mushrooms
  • 10 baby potatoes
  • 3 large carrots
  • 1tsp mixed herbs
  • gravy made with cheap granules and an oxo cube
  • all thrown into the slow cooker for 8hrs
  • dumplings added towards the end
  • very warm and yummy!

Mandy x

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