Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Keeping a record of my decluttering.

The decluttering continues...

I have decided that to keep me on track and enthusiastic about decluttering my home, I need to record my success. It's alright me saying that I sorted out 8 books that I never wish to read (I did that), but they haven't actually left the house yet. They are with the huge stash of things that I have decided to get rid of, but they are still causing unecessary clutter!

So, from now on, I will record here on my blog, what has actually left the house. I will number the items so I can try to achieve a goal. I am starting at 100 items by Easter. I think I can do this! This bit is going to be a bit boring, but I need to do it.

  1. book - charity collection
  2. book - charity collection
  3. book - charity collection
  4. book - charity collection
  5. book - charity collection
  6. book - charity collection
  7. book - charity collection
  8. book - charity collection
  9. book - charity collection
  10. book - charity collection
  11. book - charity collection
  12. book - charity collection
  13. book - charity collection
  14. book - charity collection
  15. book - charity collection
  16. book - charity collection
  17. exercise video - charity collection
  18. exercise video - charity collection
  19. fishing video - charity collection
  20. maths GCSE CD ROM - charity collection
  21. fish slice - charity collection
  22. egg cup and cosy - charity collection
  23. school rugby top - charity collection
  24. school rugby top - charity collection
  25. 20 newborn size nappies - charity collection
  26. cuddly monkey - charity collection
  27. cuddly monkey - given to the dog and now chewed up and in the bin!
  28. cuddly gorilla - given to the dog and now chewed up and in the bin!
  29. cuddly gorilla - charity collection
  30. cardy - charity collection
  31. baby cardy - charity collection
  32. biscuit tin - given to my son's girlfriend to store her baking in
  33. 'Style at Home' magazine'  - given to my son's girlfriend

Well that's 33 items, so I will probably reach my target before Easter!

I am also concentrating on recycling within the home and upcycling, making use of what we already have and not being so wasteful.

Our recent gas and electric bills were HUGE so that is one area needing instant attention.

I made a quick tea of corned beef hash yesterday:

  • peel and chop up some potatoes into cubes then parboil
  • finely slice an onion and fry
  • add sliced corned beef
  • add a tin of beans
  • drain the potatoes and add to the pan
  • keep an eye on it so it doesn't stick to the pan
  • you could add worcester sauce (I've run out!)
It doesn't look that nice, but it tastes lovely!

Mandy x


  1. You'll easily achieve your goal by Easter you decluttering demon you. Yup, I'm still at it too. I've just cleared out a drawer (a little at a time is my motto - I'm easily daunted). Mmmmm I love corn beef hash - haven't had it in ages. Xx

    1. Hi, I hope I will!
      It felt so good to see a big box of books and a bag of bits going off to the charity shop. I still have loads to do though :(
      I need to get ebaying asap. I've photographed everything - just need to list things now. It will be a little at a time for me now, but I'm not going to replace clutter with more clutter (that's the hard bit!)
      Lovely to hear from you - thanks for your support.

      Mandy xxx