Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Getting the laundry dry...

Hi everyone!

Well it's raining here!

It's been so nice getting the washing dry on the line, but today it is raining so I will wait and see if it stops. I do own a tumble drier, but I won't use it unless I absolutely have to. They use a lot of electric and our bill is always huge. These are the things I consider when doing the laundry:

*  Can I leave it for tomorrow when the weather might be better?

*  If I really need to get something clean, can I dry it inside?

Today I have one load waiting (I normally do two loads a day - we have a baby in the house!), so I will leave it for now. Yesterday it rained in the morning, then brightened up and I got two loads dry outside. 

If I do the washing and it rains while the machine is on, I will dry clothes on my clothes horse. I have a small one for upstairs which I would use for little bits that don't need ironing and can be put straight away, and a larger one which would go up in my utility room. The house is warm, so it would dry, but in the winter it needs to be put in front of a radiator. If clothes just need airing (if it rains and I have to bring the washing back in) or the clothes come out almost dry, I will hang them on hangers and hook over the doors. So far I have managed to dry outside because the weather has been so good, but the bad spell of rain before made that difficult and I hate having washing hanging about in the house!

My next house needs to have either an open fire or a log burning stove! We have an electric fire in our living room and rarely use it because of the cost.

Our fuel bills are huge, but we can't seem to cut them anymore because they keep on going up from price increases. 


Jane - I re-use my marg and ice-cream tubs to store food in the freezer, except for some little pots I use for Daisy's food.

Lots of luck with the bathroom situation!

I find it difficult getting my ironing done at the moment because Daisy is more mobile now. She's not actually crawling yet, but she can travel on her tummy and she will roll quickly. If she's in her walker, that's too dangerous too. She doesn't sleep for long in the day, so I try to do other things and the ironing doesn't stand a chance! I usually try to do a big amount every other Sunday when my husband will entertain her for a couple of hours, but he is out of action with a bad back!

With the OH out of work and self-employed so no sick pay, we will have to cut back this next shop. I still have loads of food in the freezer and cupboards so I'm not worried. We will need fresh food and stuff for Daisy and we will manage! I will meal plan ahead this time!

Enjoy your few days off as much as you can :)


Thanks for reading

Mandy x 

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  1. Hey Mandy,

    It's raining here too. . . But it's not clothes I need to dry. I went out yesterday in my car and it was nice and sunny so I had my sunroof open. Yep, you guessed it, I forgot to close it when I got home and it rained all night and all morning! I'm just lucky I had to go out today otherwise it would have gotten drowned again today! It looks like someone drained a bathtub into it! I can't believe I forgot to close the sunroof! ARGH!