Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Thrifty tip...collect recipes and meal ideas

Thrifty tip number 2:

Collect recipes and meal ideas.

I have been cooking and baking since I was a child. I have collected many recipes along the way. I am lucky and I own quite a lot of cookery books, but I don't stop at that! For years I have been cutting recipes out of magazines and jotting them down as I find them. I use recipes from TV programmes and off the internet too. I have worked my way through many books!

Years ago I collected a Gary Rhodes  recipe collection. I think it was weekly and I had it put by for me at my local shop. When I looked at it recently, I realised that I hardly look at it or cook from it, so I got rid of all the recipes I would never cook ever. There were many different binders and I reduced it to one file. 

My odd scraps of paper jottings and magazine cuttings first went into this a4 book

Then when this became full...

This was a present from my lovely son x

Then I started to fill this a5 pad I had spare...

It's upside down??? Not sure how that happened!

The next is just for meat recipes...

This one is just for baking...

Finally, my daughter bought me this recipe book and I've almost filled it too. I am on the lookout for my next book now.

Collecting recipes is a thrifty tip because you can make your own book even if you can't afford to buy recipe books. 

You could also borrow cookery books to try out from the library before you actually buy one. 

I also pick them up really cheap from carboot  sales. I sell on the ones I don't use for pennies too, hopefully helping someone out, so they can have a go at cooking from scratch. 

Does anyone else make their own cookbooks?

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. I do collect recipes and pop them in plastic folders. I have several of them - a meat one, a fish one, a pasta one and so on!

    1. Hi loo, all my books have divider pages for meat dishes, non-meat dishes, desserts, baking and preserves. I have enough now really, so I have started collecting for my sons girlfriend because she loves cooking and baking. I gave her one completed book for Christmas and I've started working on her second xx

  2. Yes, I too collect recipes. These tend to be off the internet. They then get put into a box file. Once I have tried them out they are then either disposed of (if I wasn't that happy with it) or added to my own A5 book where I collect all my favourite and regularly used recipes.

    1. I try to test them out first but rarely do. I've got way too many now that's why I'm collecting for my sons girlfriend xx

  3. I have always collected recipes until a few months ago when I had a big cull! I had bits of paper everywhere & cookery books I never looked at. I photocopied any recipes in the books I used & now have the books ready to go in the town garage sale in March. I bought a large folder from Aldi last year & am gradually sorting into the labelled sections. I found recipes I had not used for years so it was quite interesting!

    1. What a good idea! I still use recipes that I have from my school days in the '80s!xx

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