Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Carboot goodies...

Hi everyone,

Sadly I've lost a bit of interest in my blog lately. I suppose that I sometimes feel I'm talking to myself and I really don't have the time for that! This used to be my online diary, but I had to make changes and as a result my blog became somewhere to share my ideas with like minded people. 

I'm not begging for loads of comments because I also read blogs and don't find time to comment, but I do ask if you find something I write useful or you try one of my recipes, that you send a short note to let me know please.

Like many people, my time is precious and blogging is a hobby, so I am keen to post up what is relevant to you. I love to cook from scratch and bake, so these are obvious choices to share with you. I have said before that I am not always thrifty and love pretty things...I suppose my title doesn't fit so well now. I sometimes make meals that have loads of ingredients too and this is not counting the pennies! 

Forgive me if you don't enjoy my Carboot/charity shop finds, but this is the thrifty person inside me so I think that kind of shopping fits my title. 

If I'm going to spend time doing recipes or tutorials, I need to know that it's what you want to read (I know I have a few loyal readers who 'chat with me' no matter what I post) so a little feedback would be very much appreciated. I have done things in the past that have been requested and then no response, leading me to think that either they haven't had time to read, or that it's not really what they were expecting. Am I making sense?

Don't get me wrong...I love writing and I love my blog, but it is a hobby that I want to enjoy and I want you to enjoy too.


Now it's over to you...

If anyone has the time, please could you let me know what you would like me to write about? Do you want food related posts, household tips, money saving ideas, shopping, meal planning, or simply what I've been up to? 

I really don't want to be boring!!

I will look at your suggestions and come up with a plan!

In the meantime, I have been carbooting and this is what I bought...

It came to £9.95 and I also picked up a fisher price farm for £2, but Daisy is playing with it now! This totals £11.95. All useful and what I've been looking out for...no more impulse buying! 

I have also sorted out a huge amount of stuff for the charity shop...decluttering is a constant task to keep things under control. I have changed...I can be ruthless and I love the space I can uncover!

I hope you enjoyed reading and will be able to provide me with a little feedback.

Thank you so much to my loyal readers who already do this xxx

Mandy x


  1. I like all your posts, the car boot bargains fill me with envy as I have not found a boot sale in the area yet. Your recipes are always good. I can be lazy about commenting, sometimes I just want to rush through reading all the new posts and forget to go back and comment.

  2. I like all your posts too. I think blog readers are just busy, my blog gets 300-400 hits a day and only 1-2% of them leave comments.
    I keep blogging, because like you say, it is like having a diary or journal. I like going back years later and remembering what all we have done.

    I say blog about whatever you want to

  3. I love your blog, carboot buys are good, I never see decent car boots up here in Derbyshire.I only found blog land recently and don't blog myself.yet. but enjoy many. I love cooking veggie food, baking cakes. I grow vegtables and fruit making Jams and chutney. I cannot do the craft things I did as my hands are not up to it. I often mean to go back and comment but forget.

    1. Thank you Phyllis and welcome!

      I think you could teach me a thing or two about growing and preserving! Xx

  4. I enjoy your posts, especially the charity/car boot finds. I am not a keen cook anymore, preferring to make quick and simple meals but I do enjoy crafts, especially sewing for my grandaughter so I am interested in what you do for Daisy and your life with her. I don't usually comment but I do enjoy your posts so please keep it up. You will be pleased to read it in years to come. Thank you.

    1. Thank you jenny and welcome!

      I've been sorting out my sewing stuff to get ready to actually start making things! Xx

  5. Hi Mandy, I would like you to keep blogging about "all of the above" as im interested in cooking, baking, money saving etc etc.
    As you know I also love a good carboot bargain. I was very good on Sunday and only bought the sacks of wood that the woodman had brought for me (massive sacks of offcuts for £2 a sack). I again resisted the baking tins and cookery books.
    I did call at the large Oriental warehouse on the way home and bought more packs of peanut filled rice balls (which I'm currently addicted to) I usually only eat 4 at a time as they are quite filling, about the same size as a 2p piece. I also bought soy sauce as it was BOGOF (£1.09 a large bottle) and some sachets of lemon and ginger tea (also on offer for £1 a box for 48 sachets) also BOGOF and a nice refreshing change from normal tea. I have found that this warehouse is very good value for money and a LOT cheaper than normal supermarkets also the staff are very friendly, nothing is too much trouble and they always give the grandsons small samples to try. I enjoy shopping here much more than your average supermarket now and always pick up some good bargains.
    Please keep up with the blogging I love to read what you have been up to. take care jane

  6. I love your blog as well Mandy....what I love is your day to day happenings. Things you do with your family and about Daisey.
    Keep it up. Sylvia