Saturday, 14 June 2014


Hi everyone

We've been carbooting this morning. I was looking out for books for Daisy and struck lucky! One seller was getting rid of her childminding stock of books for 10p each! I bought 24 books off her. That may sound excessive, but I like to rotate Daisy's books because we both get fed up with the same ones. She will look at a book on her own during the day (of her own choosing) and we share books at any time of the day. Daisy has at least six stories at bedtime too! We love books in our house. I bought another two books at 10p each off another seller, totalling 26 books for £2.60.

I also picked up...

A toy till, flash cards, a toddler book, a money box, a step for our other bathroom (so Daisy can reach to wash her hands, we already have one), a tweenies swimming bag, two Beatrix potter pictures, a cuddly giraffe and a cuddly hello kitty (free). All this came to £4.80.

I also picked up two scarves for £1, four lovely little tops for Daisy for £2, a dress, romper (to wear in bed in this hot weather) and two swimsuits for £2. This lot came to £5.

In total I spent £12.40

No impulsive buying...each purchase was      justified.

Still keeping the clutter under control...I am continuing to clear things on a daily basis to be sold when we do a Carboot. It's all cleaned, priced and put in stacking boxes ready to go ASAP.

Just a quick post to share with you.

Has anyone been carbooting lately?

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy,
    I have been to Doncaster football ground carboot this morning )as we do nearly every week). I have decided to not just buy for the sake of it, I am always tempted by boxes of books and also boxes that have any old cooking tins/trays etc. Unfortunately I have 100's of both the baking tins and also books (mainly cookery) and am trying to wean myself off buying more as we are running out of space to store them.
    I bought an apple & pear tree at last weeks sale and also bought and payed for a blueberry bush which my daughter collected on the Monday from the sellers farm a few miles from where we live.
    I went to the same seller again today as he had loads more fruit bushes than he had last week and bought a blackcurrant and also a redcurrant bush. They were priced at £5 each ( a fantastic bargain compared with garden centre prices) but as I had bought trees last week let me have them both for £8, a great deal I thought and quickly snapped them up.
    I walked past the boxes of books and bric a brac so I can honestly say that today I have not given in to temptation and have instead bought something that I hope will give us some good crops of fruit in the future.
    You got some good bargains also and I'm sure Daisy will love reading all her new books with the grandma, as always take care, jane

    1. Well done Jane for walking past! I rarely buy for myself, mainly Daisy.

      I love a bargain!!

      Mandy xx