Monday, 25 August 2014

Sausage Goulash...a slow cooker recipe

Due to my lack of posts, I thought you may like this recipe as an extra to my meal plan.

Sausage Goulash
1 pack of sausages (chopped)
1tbsp paprika
10 new potatoes (diced but not too small)
Half of each of a red, green and yellow pepper
6 carrots
1 onion (chopped)
1pt beef stock (I used low salt oxo)
1 carton of cheap passata
1tbsp parsley

I put all of the above in my slow cooker at 10am on high to begin with, then turned it down to medium at 1pm. It will be cooked by 6pm. At this time I will dish up with a swirl of soured cream (not Daisy) and serve with homegrown runner beans and broccoli.

You could use whatever meat, or veg that you like really.

Mandy x


  1. thanks, I have a slow cooker but never know what or how to use it. Will have a go with this Do veggie sausages cook quicker do you know.

    1. Sorry Phyllis but I have no knowledge of veggie sausages! Maybe someone else can help??

      I've got loads of slow cooker recipes coming up as I plan to be using mine a lot more x

    2. Hi Phyllis, veggie sausages take as long as veg in a slow cook, hope this helps

  2. Replies
    1. Me too Loo...loads more recipes to come x