Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween...I just don't get it!

Hi everyone,

I know I promised my recipe for pasta bake next, but I'm feeling a bit deflated today. That will be my next post now!

This morning we were up early and baking for Halloween. I don't have any sweets in the house and know I have to have something for the trick or treaters. The icing turned out horrible because the orange food colouring I used contains paprika...the cakes taste of paprika! The trick or treaters are in for a shock! 

I just don't get Halloween! People go silly for it, buying costumes, face paints, decorations, treats and pumpkins. Daisy is only 2 and is actually frightened by anyone wearing a costume on tv (even a bumble bee!) we are not joining in. We haven't done a pumpkin this year either. You may think I'm a bit miserable! I'm looking forward to November and planning a lovely Christmas instead. 

Also, what is going on with the weather??? It's so warm here today. Brilliant for getting the washing dry! It's November tomorrow but it's so mild still. 

I'll leave you with a little more baking from this morning...

Mary Berry all-in-one Victoria sponge...comment if you would like the and easy! 

Hopefully back tomorrow with a blog post about cooking once and eating twice. Pork chops and roasted veg for tea and hopefully not too many knocks at the door!

Does anyone else not like Halloween ??

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. Yes I hate it. It is just another excuse to dress up and for the shops to get us to spend money. We are supposed to be a Christian country so whats with all this pagan stuff. I shall keep my door firmly locked tonight although we don't have much trick or treating here.

  2. I dont think we will be getting any little visitors, I do like to see them all dressed up and having fun :-)

  3. I don't do Halloween either Mandy, I think it is awful & pointless.

    Looking forward to that recipe! Can't believe we are now November & Christmas is next month.

  4. Halloween is just another cynical way of parting people from their money. No we don't do Halloween, in any way, shape or form. Fortunately, we don't get any trick or treaters here, as we live in a very small hamlet in a very rural area. Don't have fireworks on bonfire night either, it's a farming area so the few people who live hereabouts are very conscious of the animals. Thank goodness!

    Your sponge looks lovely, it's risen well. I've made a Victoria sponge today as well, as we're having visitors for the weekend, I also made apricot flapjacks covered with chocolate.

    I'd like the recipe for the pasta bake, please.

  5. I never used to let my kids out trick or treating. Why, when I'd warned them of stranger danger would I then encourage them to go to the houses of people they didn't know? Also, I always hated the idea that they might frighten some poor ld person living alone. Instead we'd have our own party at home with special food and games so they didn't feel like they were missing out. Nowadays I stick one of those Halloween police notices in the window so nobody bothers knocking at the door.

  6. We never bothered with Hallowe'en when the children were little; we used to go to a Light Party run by the church instead. And I would say anything that encourages you to spend money is not to be encouraged. The daughter got invited to a party last night and dressed up, but the costume was free and took only time to create.
    Roll on November and the month that is Christmas! I like celebrating bright and light rather than the darkness!