Thursday, 30 October 2014

I'm back! Holiday, illness and carbooting...

Hi everyone,

I've been away from my blog during October for a number of reasons, but I'm back now! So here's a little update for you.

We've been on holiday to Lancashire...

This was the view from our cottage (look at the blanket of fog!)

The cottage was built in the 16th century and had some quaint little features. The area was quiet and peaceful and we had the most gorgeous weather for October.

One day we went to Morecambe Bay and it was so windy! Sadly this is all that was left of the Eric Morecambe statue. 

This viaduct is massive! Sadly no steam train but we did see a modern train go over.

There were beautiful views as we travelled across the Yorkshire dales...

Quaint vintage shops...

And fish 'n' chips!!

When we got back I got ill with a cold and there was heaps of holiday laundry to catch up with. 

On Saturday we decided to sell at our favourite Carboot sale...

I sold loads of stuff...cleared some clutter...made some pennies for Christmas! We won't be doing another one though, so I have bagged up a lot of things to go to the charity shop. I will also donate items to a lovely lady who knits for Daisy as she runs a church pre-school group and will use toys and books that Daisy has grown out of. The clutter pile has reduced hugely and I will continue with this until it's completely gone. I need to make room for Christmas! 

Yesterday I made a lovely tea...similar to lasagne but much quicker and easier...

I've got loads of plans to make, lists to write and things to get on with and I'll be back soon with some more cooking, baking and homemade goodies.

Thanks for reading,

Mandy x


  1. Nice to see you back, glad you are ok x

  2. dear mandy,
    welcome back. I am so glad you are okay.beautiful pics from your holiday,thanks for sharing!!
    wish you a nice evening,
    love regina

    1. Thank you Regina, I'm well now. Glad you like the photos! You have a lovely evening too xxx

  3. Nice to see you are back after your holiday. It looks as though you had a lovely time but what on earth happened to Eric Morecambe?

    1. Thank you.
      Apparently someone tried to saw his leg and the statue was then dangerous so the council removed it. It is being repaired and will be back in a few months. Sadly we won't be going back to Lancashire though! Xxx

  4. Welcome back Mandy, I was wondering where you were and if you were ok. Glad you had a nice holiday.

  5. glad you had a good holiday looked like a lovely cottage.

    1. Thank you Phyllis, the cottage was quaint, but not recently refurbished as stated!! Xxx

  6. Good to see you back Mandy & glad you are better.
    Hope you are going to share your recipe.

    1. Thank you Mary Jo, my next blog post is about cooking once but eating twice. The recipe and another will be included in this xxx

  7. Hi Mandy,
    glad you had a nice holiday and the weather was good for you.
    Looking forward to some cheap and healthy recipes as I did end up finishing work on the 24th of this month so now the money is going to be very tight until I can find something else. I am having a break work wise until after Christmas so must make the money last a long as possible. I got some beautiful flowers, some Cath Kidston mugs and some money from my colleagues and the money I used to buy a new slow cooker. Mine was a single person one which was OK for doing hubby a beef stew or something and a bit to freeze but useless for when I wanted to do a big batch cooking session. I found a 3l one in Asda for £14 and have passed my smaller one on to a neighbour so now plenty of meals can be cooked and frozen so save the pennies.
    I have been shopping in Lidl lately and found their ranges of food to be going very upmarket but still very reasonably priced.
    glad to have you back, take care jane

    1. Thank you Jane. That's sad about your job :(
      I will see what I can do with recipes...I too want to save money on grocery shopping because of Christmas extras.

      Enjoy your break xxx