Thursday, 3 September 2015

I love autumn :)

Hi everyone

I've been a bit busy but I thought I'd drop in to share a few things with you...

I really do love autumn (except for the pesky wasps!!) I can't wait to get using the slow cooker more and eating all those comforting foods...casseroles, dumplings, puddings with custard, porridge, hot chocolate! Plus autumn walks to burn it off! Yesterday I began my autumnal food with this...

A jug of chocolate custard. I mixed a shake of cocoa into a packet of cheap instant custard then added the boiling water...simple!

We had some little chocolate fairy cakes leftover from Daisy's birthday, so used them up.

Porridge! It has to be golden syrup :)

Since I wrote this, I've had the slow cooker going...spaghetti bolognese. 

There will be loads more autumn food to follow!

Mandy x