Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Motivation Book

This is my new motivation book!

A new challenge!

Each day I am going to record all the positives of the day and what I've achieved. A huge part of this is decluttering once again. With a young baby in the house (separate post coming up) and three year old, each room fills up so easily. 

I have a charity bag to go out tomorrow so I've kickstarted my decluttering with clothes. I've looked in my wardrobe to pick out the things I just don't wear anymore as a starting point. I am slowly going through the rest, wearing them to see if I still want or need them. I'm being ruthless! My style has changed so much in the past few years so I'd rather have less but actually love it all.

I will also do the same for Daisy's wardrobe as I've just bought her some lovely new clothes. 

One thing I want to do this year is make life more simple with less stress. Hopefully having less stuff will help me to tidy and clean the house quicker and have more time for hobbies. Normally I would stash all the items away in the garage until the carboot season starts up again, but not this time...things will be gifted or given to the charity shop. I just need to take action before I change my mind!

Daisy's been at nursery a week and already she's had a cold. Now the baby has it too :(

Not much spare time at the moment but I'll try to do a little each day to keep me motivated.

Is anyone else decluttering??

Mandy x


  1. Hi Mandy,

    I try and do a little decluttering each day. I do so many crafts that I have so much stash.
    I enjoy your blog.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Good luck with the decluttering. I'm also trying my hardest to get rid of things that have built up over the years, which is a lot as I stash things as 'they may come in useful' but never do!! Enjoy reading your blog x

    1. Thanks Emma! I'm exactly the same x

  3. it needs brightening up to suit you! I always think of you a bright as I recall your last profile picture in your pretty kitchen. Maybe a Daisy type paper, so pretty. Good luck and go for it. X

    1. Thank you! I'll get back to you on the notebook :) x

  4. Hi Mandy,
    I too have started a notebook (a One direction sort of filofax type thing - how embarrasing)> It was Daniels that he never used. Its got 3 seperate sections with dividers and i have used them as 1) Cupboards, 2) freezers 3) household hints.
    I have written lists of the foods in the cupbaords we have most of and ideas if what meals i can make with them - also the freezers.
    The household bit is for any money saving ideas both food related and other things.
    I update it as i use something up and what i used to make with it, also any bargains i find etc.
    I am terrible about getting rid of stuff, i always worry that once i have gotten rid of it i will inevitably need it.
    Good luck with your decluttering, take care jane x

    1. Thanks Jane. I have a whole notebook full of money saving ideas I've jotted down over the years. Let me know if you need any advice x

  5. The book is a good idea, Mandy.
    Sorry long time no comment, life is pretty hectic looking after disabled dh & last year I had a total knee replacement. However getting back into life's swing & learning to crochet (never too old!) & also decluttering.
    Take care.

    1. Gosh you've had a tough time. Good luck with the crocheting xx

  6. Sensible to use a generic book; when I was last in Waterstone's there were lots of books like that being sold - they just had a title at top of the page! Why pay the extra?? I have another mantra for de cluttering having downsized. Less stuff equals less need for more cupboards and chests of drawers to put things in. More room to move about!

  7. Where have you gone Mandy? Missing reading your blog x