Thursday, 19 May 2016

Daisy and Henry

Hi everyone 

After an anonymous comment on my last post (I'd love to be able to answer your questions and use your name) I thought I'd better explain...

Daisy and Henry are our grandchildren. Daisy is 3 and Henry is 9 months old. We do so much for them because we love them so much. 

Daisy has lived with us since birth and Henry came to live with us when he was 10 weeks old. I'm not going into the reasons because it's private and personal. 

My big announcement which I decided not to announce before was that we are now Special Guardians to both children. Everyone is happy with that decision.

We began a new chapter back then and we feel blessed to have the children in our lives. 

In other news...Henry now has the chicken pox and is suffering dreadfully. Hopefully he will improve soon. There's not much sleep going on here at the moment :(

I will try to catch up soon but getting Henry well again is my main concern at the moment.

Thank you if you decide to leave a comment, I appreciate that and enjoy replying to them.

Now it's time to get some sleep hopefully!

Mandy x 


  1. congratulations on being Special Guardians, and how lovely for your grandchildren to grow up with a caring family.

  2. Hi Mandy,
    i hadnt realised that you had Henry too i was just thinking him and mum were now both back with you. Glad that everythings sorted and all parties are happy with the arrangements.
    i am still soring food but nowhere near as bad as i was before, I had to do away with the spare bedroom full of tubs and shelves of timmed stuff when we turned it into a proper bedroom for Daniel. Hes still with us but occassionally stays at Amys (few doors away from us) but prefers his space from Alfie.
    I still have 4 freezers full of foods and have been bulk cooking things as well just lately.
    I know only too well through experience that having well stocked cupboards and freezers can be a God sens when something unexpected happens like my unexpected redundancy 18 months ago. We never know whats around the corner but we were able to manage with the money we had due to the large stocks of stuff i had amassed and it got us through a few tough months until money came through.
    Hope Henry is feeling better soon, as always take care jane xxxx

  3. Well done to you both, I had realised that you had your grandchildren full time. Whatever the reason all that matters is that you are both there for them with all the love that you so obviously have. They will grow up in a safe and loving home and will be able to grow into happy and healthy adults.
    I still like to keep a good store cupboard, then every now and then I eat my way through it and save up to do a fresh stock up.

  4. Congratulations on being Special Guardians to your lovely grandchildren. Their future looks safe, happy and secure thanks to you.

    I'm finding anonymous commenters always seem blunt and to the point asking for personal information in a intrusive way ☹ Don't always feel you have to answer, we share so much of our lives in blog posts, but some things can remain private.

  5. Good luck with the c.pox; it is dreadfully itchy

  6. I do wonder why people are allowed to place a comment without a name it seems a bit silly. I agree with Sue, this is your space and never should you feel the need to explain yourself :) ever!
    I do think your grandbabies are very lucky to have you. I hope Henry is fully recovered from the dreaded pox it's going the rounds in my daughters circle too got to love 3 year olds. Take care